Choose From Over 31 Million Photos Thanks to Our New Bigstock Partnership

Choose From Over 31 Million Photos Thanks to Our New Bigstock Partnership

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Since the advent of photography, in around 1840, it is estimated that the camera-toting human race has taken around 4 trillion photographs. That’s a lot of pictures, and it likely makes, “Say Cheese” among the most uttered phrases in the English language.

As a species we’re photo-crazed, with no signs that’s ever going to change. (In the last two minutes alone we have taken more pictures than the whole of humanity did in the 1800s.)

This can only be described as a staggering number of images and proves that the entire human race loves photos.

Enhancing your landing page stock photos

It’s not news that the addition of images to nearly anything makes it infinitely more impactful. Same goes for landing pages. And, since your landing page is something you purposefully design to maximize its impact, you are pretty much obligated to include stunning images.

Yet, there are still marketers who are reluctant to do so.

The source of this reluctance, for some, is their landing page builder. It’s too clunky, making the inclusion of imagery seem to be more time and trouble than it’s worth.

For others it’s a matter of cost. Subscriptions to stock sites can add up, and there’s no guarantee you'll find what you're looking for.

Then there’s the time factor. If you’ve ever gone on a hunt for a particular image, you’ll likely have started to believe you’ve seen nearly every one of those 4+ trillion images created since the birth of photography.

Those who skip the landing page adornment step — because inserting imagery is overly complicated or image searches take too long — are irreparably harming their conversion rates.

There is a better way, and Instapage has found it! By reimagining our image manager and partnering with Bigstock, we've come up with the simplest, most streamlined image management tool on the market today.

Picture this: The Instapage-Bigstock advantage

In an ongoing effort to simplify landing page creation, Instapage has reinvented its image management. Now you can search, purchase, upload, edit, and publish images without having to leave the landing page builder. Here’s how it looks.

Easily search Bigstock’s vast array of smartly categorized images:

This gif shows you how to easily search for Bigstock images in their library.

Purchase images in the page you’re editing:

This gif shows how easy it is to purchase Bigstock images for your landing page.

Insert your purchased image directly into the page and edit at will:

This gif shows you how to edit your Bigstock images in the Instapage landing page software.

The Bigstock images you purchase are always automatically added to your image library.

The Instapage integration with Bigstock provides you with direct access to over 31 million royalty-free stock photos, stunning illustrations created by some of the most talented photographers and artists in the world.

Do today what no other landing page tool can, and give your pages even greater conversion power with captivating imagery.

Current users can login here to begin using Bigstock, or if you're a new user, start a free trial today!

Click Here to Try the New Image Manager
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