6 Reasons Why Web Design Companies Need Instapage

6 Irrefutable Reasons Why Web Design Agencies Need Instapage

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When it comes to landing page optimization, a lot of marketing professionals don’t know what the heck they’re doing.

That’s what we learned after reading a recent study from research firm, Ascend2. The study indicates many marketers believe landing pages to be a valuable channel for acquiring customers, but only 27% of them would consider themselves “very successful” at optimizing the pages.This report explains why web design companies should outsource their landing page needs.

Think about that for a second.

That means only about one out of every four marketing professionals would consider themselves very successful at landing page optimization.

The biggest obstacle in their way?

“Lack of internal resources.”

And that’s because marketing agencies as we know them are going extinct.

Gone are the days when every aspect of client work — from ideation to execution – was completed under one roof. The modern agency has been evolving since the advent of the Internet. Nowadays, a lot of marketers that specialize in one thing look for other outside experts to complete projects. In fact, as many as 77% of marketers outsource their landing page optimization.

But as a web design agency, you know that. You’ve outsourced work to freelance writers, search engine optimizers, and developers so that you could focus on what you do best — often placing your clients’ fate in the hands of people who don’t have much invested in it.

As a result, you may have missed deadlines, under-delivered on a project, or incurred costs you never expected.

And that’s why the following six reasons are critical to your (and your client’s) marketing campaigns’ success.

Why web design companies should use Instapage

1. Cut costs  

22% of respondents said their budgets restricted their landing page optimization efforts.

That’s understandable, considering the cost of adding just one developer to your team is around $67,000 a year

2. Never miss a deadline

Using landing page software enables you as a web designer to create and publish in just a fraction of the time it would take you to do so manually. As a former manager at a small performance marketing company, I can tell you that for a fact.

The last landing page I worked on was about 400 words in length, had one small lead capture form, two images, and a short video. Can you guess how long it took to create?

One week.

That’s right. A full work week.

And that’s because the creation process looked like this:

  1. Explain to development team what you’re looking for on the front end (visually what you see on the page) and send them examples
  2. Wait one or two days for them to create a mock-up
  3. List the revisions needed to mock-up (this button should be X color, footer should be X height, etc.)
  4. Wait one day to get the revisions back
  5. Send them the files they need for content — copy, logos, ebook, etc. — explain where they need to be and what needs to happen on the back-end when buttons are clicked, images are hovered over, etc.
  6. Wait one day to get the landing page back, complete with content, and hopefully useable
  7. Explain the necessary revisions
  8. Wait one day for revisions
  9. Test, tweak, publish

When I finally became a freelance marketer and didn’t have a development team, I quickly learned I could create beautiful landing pages in a fraction of the time. It wouldn’t take me a week, or three days, or even one day.  

I was creating even better landing pages in less than an hour.

My very first landing page only took me fifteen minutes to create.

I selected a template, rearranged the icons, clicked to edit the copy and changed all colors to match the client’s branding. Then I supercharged my page by adding testimonials and images, and powerful calls to action.

My first Instapage landing page resulted in a 200% increase in leads for the client!

3. Easily test your landing pages

According to the Ascend2, almost a quarter of marketers don’t feel they have the skills to test landing pages. Not only that but consider these:

The funny thing is; those same marketers admitted that the best way to determine the effectiveness of a landing page is by A/B testing. A/B testing is quite easy with Instapage’s software.

Let’s say this template is our variation “A” landing page, and we want to generate downloads for the report we just created:

This landing page template shows how A/B testing can increase conversions.

And here’s our variation “B”, which we created by clicking the “Variation” button in the upper-left-hand corner of the editor:

This landing page template shows how changing the background can increase conversions.

The only element I changed is the background image. By publishing both, we’ll be able to see whether a light-blue image or a wood-panel image converts prospects better.

You can change almost any aspect of any page element — simply by clicking on it.

Nearly everything is testable on our landing pages. And if you find something that isn’t, with a professional or premium membership you can write custom code to our templates and make additional changes.

4. Back up your designs with straightforward analytics  

The 26% of marketers who cite “inadequate analytics and reporting” as their biggest obstacle to landing page success will appreciate how simple Instapage’s reporting tools are to their campaigns.

Just navigate to the dashboard and click on the landing page you want to analyze:

This picture shows how web design companies can A/B test landing pages.

From there, you’ll be taken to a page that shows how many views you currently have, total conversions, and how it’s performing compared to all your different variations:
This graph shows how you can A/B test landing pages with Instapage.

If variation “A” with the light-blue background is performing better than variation “B” with the wood background, then that will be reflected in the report.

Let your clients know which variation “wins” and continue running the one that’s most successful.

5. Effortlessly optimize your pages for mobile

According to Ascend2, one of the biggest obstacles marketers have had to overcome is optimizing their landing pages for mobile.

Well, guess what?

Every single page you create with Instapage is already optimized for mobile. To see what it looks like on a device other than your desktop, go to this dropdown:

This screenshot shows how web design companies can create mobile optimized pages.

From here, if you want to change how your landing page looks on mobile, click any element to modify it.

6. Collaborate with team members better

Our new dashboard makes it easy to collaborate on projects by letting you assign roles to team members in each client account’s tab.

You can give them permission to …

Assign permissions based on roles and organize the creative process while avoiding costly mistakes.

Abandon the old-fashioned way of creating landing pages

Have you tried adopting a do-it-yourself approach to your landing page creation?  

Sign up for Instapage today and get a 14-day trial, and…

And if you ever need our help, we’re just an email away.

So what are you waiting for?

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