6 Landing Pages Deserving of a Good Old Roasting

6 Landing Pages Deserving of a Good Old Roasting

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Yes, it’s time for another round of landing page evaluations, an exercise that helps you improve your landing pages. As I list the pros and cons of landing pages that have been collected from all over the landosphere you get to compare your landing pages to those put under the spotlight and make better landing page optimization decisions.

But, we’ve been doing this for quite some time now and truth be told it has gotten a bit monotonous. So, instead of going for the usual evaluation format, why not go for a good old landing page roasting today.

The roast of landing pages

I’ll be the roast master and what we’re going to do today is call up on stage the 6 landing page examples and then have a go at them one by one.

We’re doing this for purely informational purposes, so no offense to anyone.

Let’s have the first landing page up on stage.

1. Human


Let me start off with the Human headline or what constitutes as copy for the page as well, yes I know app landing pages are supposed to be minimal but sometimes just a headline isn’t enough.

I get that they’re trying to play off on the double meaning of human, however, I don’t get what we’re supposed to gather from the statement “Human is the easiest way to get and stay healthy.”

Is it an app that’s going to tell you how inhumane your eating habits are? or does it help you exercise? because I do see the two women cycling but the message isn’t crystal clear.

The app graphic shows 21 minutes of fun are left, fun doing what? The headline and the graphic could use some clarity.

In fact the page could really use some supporting copy, because the headline alone isn’t enough to do all the explaining.

The CTA button though contrasting is a little small for my taste.

2. The Brian Eisenberg eBook


Again I’ll start with the headline which I don’t understand, “The Website Testing & Optimization”, what kind of headline is this? Where is the USP?

Where’s the craft, creativity or just the clarity?

The copy is just too long and the CTA button makes me cringe.

I have great respect for Brain Eisenberg, but I don’t agree what’s happening with this landing page. The CTA button is yellow yes, still I am not filled with any happiness. The lead capture form is okay I guess, however, the rest of the page needs testing – needs testing bad.

3. Salesforce


As opposed to the aforementioned two landing pages, I actually like the Salesforce landing page headline, “Grow sales with the world’s best CRM”. Though I would like to know who declared them the best, where are the survey or poll results?

The copy does support the claim of them being the best i.e. average results of using the service include 34% increase in sales productivity, 24% increase in forecast activity etc.

The social media buttons are subdued so they don’t take away the attention from the call to action button, which is all red in the face – which as CTAs go is actually a good thing.

The lead capture form is a little longer than what I would like to fill out just to watch a video, but I guess they’re collecting good quality leads.

The phone numbers at the end of the landing page add credibility, but you know what’s known to add better credibility than just digits – customer testimonials.

Yes, the page could use a good sprinkling of happy customers raving about Salesforce instead of them doing all the talking.

4. Workday


Okay, what is with all the bad headlines? What kind of a headline is Workday 18? It immediately makes me think about Workday 1 through 17, what the heck happened to them?

Coming on to the copy, I didn’t understand a word. It’s not that I’m thick, it’s just that I don’t understand financial jargon. What’s a vertical organization?

I don’t know and frankly after reading the rest of the copy I don’t even have the stomach to know more.

5. My Health Insurance


I got dizzy and light headed just looking at this landing page, it’s a screaming blaring piece of stock imagery.

What a happy family, and see all the happy doctors with the newly whitened teeth, is that really the effect that health insurance has on you?

The headline is a self-declared hyped up statement of self-glory, just who declared My Health Insurance the “best way to buy insurance” where’s the evidence?

There’s no proof in this pudding.

They have tried to make use of directional cues, which generally are a very helpful thing on a landing page, however, the red arrow is too indirect and subtle to really make a difference.

Then there’s the text “Choose Your Plan” which is just floating in the background, it’s not clickable and there are no options listed below it.

The CTA button is big, really big – but it’s not in the least effective because all it says is “Click Here”, and then what? A genie will pop out to tell you about your insurance plans?

They’ve mentioned a phone number to help with the credibility, but the stock photos and bland branding have done an almost irreparable damage.

6. Tips and Trip

tips and trips

The tips and trip headline is somewhat clear, it’s clear that the service has to do with travel and sharing experiences with friends, so I do get the trip part, not so clear about the tips part. On first glance I thought tips refers to travel tips or suggestions but after seeing the red pin titled “save your tips” I’m a little confused, are these tips referring to some monetary gain one would get?

A confused visitor only leads to an increase in the abandonment rate, and I’m just confused right now.

The graphic is relevant plus the three red markers on the world map add a nice touch. The thing I’m not so thrilled about is the CTA, in fact both the CTAs could use some work. But what I don’t like most is the enormous list of popular places – good way to clutter a landing page.

It’s just not attractive.

That’s it for the roast of landing pages for now. Hope you enjoyed ladies and gentlemen and I would definitely appreciate any landing pages that you have saved up for me to roast. Just give me a shout out.

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