6 Incredibly Effective Call to Action Examples

6 Incredibly Effective Call-to-Action Examples

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Today I’ll tell you exactly what the “Extraordinary tale of Great Landing Pages” series has in store for you. I’ll also be teaching you how to mold your landing page’s Call-to-Action buttons to get yourself included in the league of great landing pages.

To answer the first question, like all good tales the “Extraordinary tale of Great Landing Pages” is going to leave you with a priceless lesson. It’s going to relate to you one by one all the components of great landing pages, telling you what works and what doesn’t.

So, we’re going to be analyzing the following components of landing pages:

1. Call-to-Action
2. Copywriting
3. Headline
4. Graphics
5. Lead-Gen Form

What Exactly is a Call-to-Action? (CTA)

The CTA button on your landing page prompts your visitors to take a specified action, whether this action involves them signing up for your free newsletter or buying your latest ebook.

I have already told you what your CTA SHOULD NOT be in the previous post, it’s now time to show you what your CTA SHOULD BE considered a great landing page.

1. With Your CTA: The Bigger the Better

Your CTA button is the “thing” that converts your visitors into your clients, I know your whole landing page does that, but the CTA is the last hurdle in getting good conversions. This is why your Call-to-Action button should be bigger than most of the other elements on your page.

2. Play a Game of Contrast with Your Call-to-Action

contrast call to action

In order for you to make your CTA really POP and say HELLO to your visitors, it should be designed in a contrasting color as compared to the rest of your page. Learn more about how colors impact conversions.

3. Be Obvious with Your Call-to-Action

This one is definitely a biggy! Even if your CTA isn’t contrasting with your landing page or you chose to not make it really big, it should always be obvious and direct. Don’t just say “SIGN UP”.


Simply Be clear, it makes A LOT of difference!

4. Use White Space to Make Your Call-to-Action Stand Out

White space drives focus towards anything that it surrounds. Which is why great landing pages implement plenty of white space surrounding the CTAs.

Not only do both the primary and secondary CTA’s stand out, but the use of white space also de-clutters the page. Therefore driving your visitors’ focus exactly where you want it, on your CTA!


5. Your Call-to-Action Should Offer Visitors Options

trust symbol

If your service involves your visitors buying something, it’s best if you give them some sort of guarantee or a free trial. This reduces their anxiety and makes them more comfortable to click that Call-to-Action.

6. Your Call-to-Action Should Instill a Sense of Urgency

Your CTA should give your visitors an offer that they simply can’t pass up on, something they have to CLICK right Then and There! This is what all great landing pages do.


Make your CTA have the above 6 characteristics and then breathe a sigh of relief because you are one step closer to being one of the great landing pages, just 4 more elements to go!

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