5 Things to Consider When Designing a Call to Action

5 Things to Consider When Designing a Call to Action

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Yeah I just put forward a double entendre, but that was only to hook you, to really reel you in to the good stuff I have prepared for you today a list of all the benchmarks you need to hit when it’s crunch time for your CTA design.

Just to recap, the CTA button is one of the most important elements on your landing page; it’s the magical place where all your “Visitor = Customer” fantasies come true.

The more your visitors go for your CTA button, the more you can get it off your chest that you’re achieving the conversion goals that you set for your landing page campaigns.

And to make all your marketing fantasies come true, you need to consider these five factors when designing the CTA button.

#1: Size Matters BIG Time

For CTA buttons and other things in life, size does matter. The bigger your CTA is, the more attention it will demand from your visitors.

Big CTA Buttons

However, don’t make it so big that it starts to look like an angry Hulk crowding up your landing page. The button should be larger than the other elements but should still look esthetically appealing. NOUPE has some great examples of big call-to-action buttons that stand out.

#2: Placement is Key for your CTA Design

A visitor spends an average of 3-5 seconds on a landing page, and if something doesn’t strike him as relevant or interesting he just moves on.

Keeping this scenario in mind, imagine if you’ve put your CTA below the fold, do you think your visitors are going to bother scrolling down in the duration of 3 seconds, of course they’re not!

Keep your CTA button above the fold.

Placing your CTA button in the center also helps draw in your visitors’ focus.

#3: Color me Timbers

It’s important that the color of your CTA button contrasts playfully with your overall landing page design.

Because if you do your CTA in the same shade as the rest of your landing page, your button’s going to get lost in the hotchpotch of a landing page that you’ve created.

colored CTA buttons

Just make sure your CTA button is designed in something bright that contrasts with the landing page background.

Don’t just throw colors on your Landing Page, think about it and come up with an attractive overall palette.

#4: White space Wonders

White space is a wondrous thing, who would think that just sprinkling a little bit of blank or white color around something would make it pop out so much.

But, it does which is why I’m calling it a wonder.

You do know where I’m going with this don’t you?

It’s important that you surround your CTA button with ample white space to make it more apparent to your visitors.

White space also de-clutters your landing page, which in turn also helps you put emphasis on your CTA.

#5: It’s not what you Say it’s how you Say it

The copy that you put on your CTA button is a key deciding factor of how many conversions you get to bag.

A button just saying “Download” or “Buy Now” isn’t going to pump up your visitors, think of something relevant and specific for your campaign. Make sure that you always use simple language.

big blue CTA button

Jargon has no place on your CTA button or the rest of your landing page copy.

With these five steps nailed, you’ll have yourself a conversion friendly CTA button that you’ll cherish for a long time.

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