5 Landing Pages Utilizing Best Practices

5 Landing Pages Utilizing Best Practices

Last updated on November 11, 2016 by Tyson Quick in Landing Page Examples
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It might be hard for you to learn that the landing page you spent so much of your time carefully putting together like one of those ginormous puzzles that your grandpa enjoys doing - actually SUCKS! Now don’t you go sulk in a corner somewhere, you need to accept the truth.

Say it out loud, “Yes, my landing page wasn’t that great” (if sucks is too hard a word for you). Why do you need to do this? Because, ACCEPTANCE is the first step towards the recovery of your conversion rates!

The Second Step:

The second step involves you MAKING AMENDS, and here’s how you’ll do that; you’ll carefully analyze the following 5 landing pages, figure out what your landing lacked and start over.

Make amends to your conversion rates that have suffered because of your “not so great” landing page. Breathe new life into your landing page by following the example of these kick ass landing pages.

While looking at these 5 landing pages, keep the five important elements of a landing page; the CTA, headline, copy, graphic and contact form in your mind. Take note of how these pages have made use of these elements individually and as a whole.

I’m going to point out the pros as well as some minor adjustments that these landing pages could use along the way.


votizen landing page


  • Clear and Impactful Headline.
  • Concise and Clear Copy. The description though short explains the whole purpose of the landing page and answers all the questions that a visitor may have about the page.
  • Large and Relevant graphic.
  • The red CTA button is contrasting with the yellow background.
  • No Navigation Links.


  • The CTA should be bigger.


ben the bodyguard landing page


  • Big and Self-Explanatory Headline.
  • Interesting and Relevant Image.
  • Price of the service is mentioned.
  • Presence of a testimonial. This helps visitors trust the service more.
  • Contrasting CTA Button.
  • The entire page is visually appealing and interesting.
  • No Navigation Links.


  • The page could use a little description of the service, despite the headline and the graphic. Marketers shouldn’t assume that their visitors will get what they are trying to sell, they should just TELL them.


gift rocket landing page


  • Clear and Big CTA button.
  • Short and clear copy. The presence of the “How it Works” section on the landing page will help visitors understand the service while remaining on the landing page. Hence they won’t navigate away just for comprehension but will directly hit the CTA button.
  • Colorful and relevant graphic.


  • Presence of navigation links.


ESPN landing page


  • Clear description.
  • Simple and short contact form. They aren’t asking their visitors to put in information that isn’t relevant to their service.
  • The service is offering a “No Thanks” button on their landing page that in my opinion is quite admirable! Not every service has the guts to do this.
  • Good sized CTA.


  • They could do with a variety of images, instead of just an image of a soccer or football changing room they could go for a more universal graphic, one that appeals to all their sports-loving audiences.


shopify landing page


  • All the benefits of the service are written down in points which de-clutters the page and also makes it easier for the readers to go through the copy.
  • Simple and clear headline.
  • The use of video to explain how visitors would go about using the product.


  • The Call-to-Action button should be a bit bigger than the other elements on the page.

Be smart about your landing page, first analyze each element of your page separately and then view it as a whole to get the best out of your landing page.

Want to kick some ass with your landing page? Just check things off the landing page checklist that’s headed your way, real soon.

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Show Me The Top 10 Landing Page Styles
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