5 Items to Avoid on Lead Capture Forms

5 Items to Avoid on Lead Capture Forms

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Tell me something honestly… when you decided to set up your landing page, which element was the last one on your mind? The call-to-action button? No way Jose! Your lead capture form, right? When most marketers think of their landing pages, they think of the CTA, copy or headline and they leave behind designing their lead capture forms to the very last minute. Why? Because they simply don’t understand the importance of their lead capture forms.

So, what’s the Importance of Lead Capture Forms?

Imagine coming across a landing page promoting an offer that you simply can’t pass up on, the headline has caught your eye, the copy is brief yet surprisingly effective, the CTA button is BIG and interesting and the graphic is truly a visual treat and then your eyes fall on the hotchpotch lead capture form, and you forget about everything else and run for the hills.

Getting my point? If your lead capture forms aren’t designed professionally, you’re screwed! Because even if everything else on your landing page is great and your form sucks, your visitor would never become your customer.

The Obstacle with Lead Capture Forms

Lead capture forms are very important for landing pages, we can all agree to that, however, this doesn’t change the fact that designing or even including lead capture forms on landing pages is tough, simply because visitors aren’t really eager to fill out forms.

Most lead capture forms I have come across actually do a better job of escalating stress levels than they do of attracting visitors!

Visitors basically have issues with lead capture forms that are:

1. Lengthy

Assuming that every visitor that comes across your landing page has the time to fill out a ridiculously long lead capture form is simply ignorant on your part. Would you do so in a similar situation?

2. Unorganized

If you can’t help the length of your lead capture form, at least arrange it better. Don’t make it laborious for your visitors to fill out your lead capture form because trust me they won’t bother and will simply move on to another offer.

3. Invasive

No one likes a nosy nelly, so, if your lead capture form delves into information that it has no business knowing it makes you lose more visitors than it captures. No one likes to fill out their personal information for just anyone!

4. Difficult to Find

If your Lead Capture Form isn’t visible to a visitor as soon as he opens your landing page, then I sympathize with you, because you just lost a lead. Visitors don’t like going for a scavenger hunt for your Lead Capture Form, they fill it out only if they see it!

5. Untrustworthy

Most people don’t trust the internet (some for good reason) which is why they feel hesitant about entering their information on just any landing page. Visitors run far away from those lead capture forms that are just hungry for their information and don’t offer them any guarantees, whatsoever.

Does your lead capture form sound like one of these forms? If it does, it’s time to pull up your socks and wait for the next post, because in that you’ll find how to treat your lead capture forms the right way!

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