5 Easy to Follow Tips for Nurturing Landing Page Conversions

5 Easy to Follow Tips for Nurturing Landing Page Conversions

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So you’ve done the hard work of putting together a rockin’ paid ads campaign, created the perfect landing page, and finally converted a signup. Now you can kick back and relax, right?

Not yet… you still have to create a rock solid post-conversion experience. Otherwise all that time, effort, and money spent to acquire the lead could go to waste.

The best marketers follow through with smart tactics after a landing page signup converts because they know it’s just the beginning of the relationship. Follow these 5 pro tips below to do a killer job of connecting with new signups.

Tip #1: Take them to a success page that includes links to content they may be interested in

Are you missing out on a chance to keep your visitor’s attention right after they convert? The success page is often overlooked by marketers already focused on a billion other things.

But it’s a spot where you can encourage new signups to stick around by enticing them with helpful and relevant content.

Check out this “Thanks for registering!” page from Autopilot that links to two related blog posts:

first image

The links to great content help the new signup build more trust with you and stay engaged with your brand. Not to mention the recommendations keep them from clicking away and putting their eyeballs somewhere else on the web.

It’s a little change that could make a difference. Do it. Now. Because you don’t want to be like this company:

second image

No links to relevant content. Just their normal website navigation and a robotic sounding message. There’s nothing here that compels me to stay on their website longer. Once someone reaches this page, the next logical thing to do is close the window.

Tip #2: Follow up with an email that builds on the relationship and opens up a conversation

After a person converts on a landing page it’s the perfect time to start a follow up conversation with an automated text-based email.

Let’s say you are a tech company named BigDataSocial.io and someone just converted through your landing page offering a free ebook about “The Top 15 Social Media Trends for 2015.”

You could send an automatic personal email two days after delivering the ebook, asking a question like “What’s your biggest struggle with social media right now?” This could reveal the problems you can solve for your customer.

Or try an email like this example from Groove:

third image

In this email, the CEO asks “Why did you sign up for Groove?” which can lead to actionable customer feedback and insight into why users are signing up. An email like this is perfect to send to a new SaaS trial user that signs up on a trustworthy landing page.

Tech companies are notorious for sending this type of email, but this concept could easily be modified for other industries like if you are a marketing consultant welcoming readers to your email list or a boutique shop owner thanking a customer for downloading a lookbook.

Tip #3: Trigger retargeting advertising with personalized offers and specials

If a new signup converts on your landing page (example: downloads an ebook) but hasn’t become a paying customer yet, you can draw them back in with a retargeting ad that gets them to take the next step.

Asana does a really great job of this:

fourth image

These call-to-actions use benefits-focused statements and entice people to get started for free. You could also run a campaign with a promo code or discount for the product the person was checking out, like Bonobos:

fifth image

And did you know stats show that retargeted customers are 70% more likely to make a purchase compared to non-retargeted consumers?

To really score more conversions, try retargeting with The Digital Marketing Journey (helpful infographic) which is a proven framework coined by Instapage and Autopilot.

Tip #4: Automatically nurture signups towards a sale with relevant and helpful content

Just because a person converted on one of your landing pages it doesn’t mean they are ready to buy yet. Research shows that 30-50% of leads aren’t ready to make a purchase when they first inquire about your business, but about three quarters of these leads will become sales ready over the next 12 to 18 months.

How do you fill the gap in their journey from stranger to customer? Lead nurturing. It’s a simple concept: you send helpful best practices content to people who aren’t customers yet to build trust with them over time. Then they buy from you when they are ready.

At this stage, salesy content actually turns people away instead of winning them over. So do NOT do something like this:

sixth image

Instead, send a great lead nurturing email like this one from Canva:

seventh image

Canva isn’t trying to sell anything in this email. All they are doing is sharing great content that helps people build their brand. Can you say trust builder?

Tip #5: Post customer testimonials on the success page to build trust and credibility

Customer testimonials are a powerful way to gain credibility with your new signups. And also a great way to let customers do your marketing for you.

After a new person converts through landing page, show kinds words from your existing customers on the success page. Bonus points if you link to full case studies on your website.

Here’s an example to spark your imagination of what this could look like:

eighth image

We marketers spend so much time and energy optimizing our landing pages for conversion, it’s easy to forget that there is a whole relationship to build afterwards. But by putting the above tips into action, you’ll be the kind of marketer that goes the extra mile and does a stellar job of connecting with landing page signups after they convert.

What other pro tips do you have to connect with converted signups? Anything I missed above? Let us know in the comments.

Brian Sun runs the blog at Autopilot, a marketing automation platform that helps small business owners automate the customer journey, visually.

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