4 Secret Techniques to Crafting Impactful Landing Page Copy

4 Secret Techniques to Crafting Impactful Landing Page Copy

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Writing is an art.

The aforementioned sentence is formidable for every marketer who enjoyed Disney’s Lion King better than Shakespeare’s Hamlet, marketers who don’t have one literary bone in their body. Marketers who get jitters just thinking about writing something because they have this notion in their minds that writing is not everyone’s game.

While everyone may not be able to write plays like Shakespeare or rhyme stanzas like Alexander Pope, anyone can however write successful landing page copy all they need to know are the 4 secret techniques to doing so.

Before I indulge in these 4 effective simple landing page copywriting secrets, you need to get one thing embedded in your mind; writing is not just an art but a learnable science. All you need to ace it are a few tips and tricks and once you master those you essentially master everything, it doesn’t matter whether you have to try your hand at writing landing pages or ebooks.

Secret #1: Sell your landing page before you sell your product

Say what?

No, this isn’t a typo and yes I know the whole point of creating a landing page is to sell your product but you need to understand one simple fact, before your customers get a chance to use your product, all they see is your landing page. So, essentially your page becomes your product, so ipso facto you need to sell your landing page to your visitors before you push your product or service on them.

Your copy needs to provide information on the product, not outright sell it, but implicitly persuade your visitors that if they miss out on clicking the CTA button they’ll be committing one of the worst mistakes of their lives.

Secret #2: Avoid clichéd terms like the plague


Your landing page only has a limited amount of space on it, space that needs to be filled out wisely whether you do it with a mammoth graphic, a gigantic CTA button or paragraphs of copy.

On your landing page every word of copy counts, which means that there’s absolutely no space for fluff on the page. No filling up the page with ands, buts and ifs- write to the point persuasive copy and stay far away from generic clichéd terms like “groundbreaking,” “Number One,” “Leading Company,” “Once in a lifetime opportunity,” etc.

When writing your landing page copy, wear your beaked black plague doctor masks and inspect each and every word that you make part of your landing page copy carefully. As you add each word ask yourself, “Does my landing page need this?”

Guy Kawasaki has some great advice for writing better copy, granted this is for executive summaries but it can easily be applied to landing page copy. Plus it has one of my favorite marketing terms in it- purple farts.

Avoid “purple farts”— adjectives that sound impressive but carry no substance. “Next generation” and “dynamic” probably don’t mean anything to your readers (unless you’re talking about DRAM). Everybody thinks their software is “intelligent” and “easy-to- use,” and everyone thinks their financial projections are “conservative.” Explain your company the way you would to a friend at a cocktail party (after one drink, not five).”

Secret #3: Use the power of social proof

Social proof is a powerful persuasion tool. The theory of social proof details that people tend to go for the choices that others make which is a fancy way of saying monkey see monkey do.

The most obvious way to add social proof is through social media widgets, let your visitors see exactly how many people like and tweet your product and chances are they’ll follow suit and click the CTA button.

Another way to harness the power of social proof is through the use of customer testimonials. Testimonials help you rave about your product without you sounding obnoxious- most of all they help set in the power of social proof.

When your future customers get to see that your existing customers have wonderful things to say about your product they don’t hesitate to click on the CTA button. However, just adding testimonials doesn’t do the trick, the testimonials need to be authentic- pick the testimonials that are the most genuine, that provide unique information about your product and don’t just say that your product was good.

This is your task as a landing page copywriter here.

Secret #4: Good formatting goes a long way


Being a good writer isn’t just about picking the correct words, but it is also about where you decide to say something and where you decide to pause. You need to know how to format your writing the right way.

Use punctuation wisely and pay special attention to your formatting. Don’t just paste blocks of copy on your page but divide it into paragraphs, sub headlines and bullet points. Formatting has an impact on your landing page’s readability don’t underestimate the power of a carefully crafted bullet point.

Writing landing page copy that persuades your visitors is not only doable it is easily executed simply by following a few simple hacks. Now that you possess the secrets to writing impactful landing page copy you’ll be crafting engaging landing pages in no time.

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