4 Powerful Ways to Increase Landing Page Trust

4 Powerful Ways to Increase Landing Page Trust

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Let’s indulge in a hypothetical situation… You’ve been planning a great big feast for your family and friends for about a month and at the very last minute your kitchen sink gives up; there’s water everywhere. With disaster looming around the corner you have to think fast.
So, what do you do?

Do you call in your grandpa George to help you out or do you call in a registered plumber? Keep in mind the plumber is a 20 minute drive away while your grandpa is sitting just a few feet away slouched on the couch half asleep with a tootsie toll in his mouth.
Tik Tok, Tik Tok… Make a decision.

I’m sure most of you have left Grandpa George to nibble on his tootsie roll and have gone for the plumber instead. And the reason behind you choosing the plumber is a small yet powerful word:

Trust is a vital concept in the online world; it’s because of this 5 letter word that many of your potential visitors at this very moment are leaving your landing page without hitting the Call-to-Action. Those frown lines aren’t really going to do you any good, what you need to do is set up landing pages that your visitors can easily trust.

Don’t worry you don’t have to do anything difficult or complicated to increase landing page trust. Just use these four ways and you’ll be all set.

1. Message Consistency

From your banner ad to your landing page you should only advertise one offer. If you’ve promised your visitors a complimentary white paper in your ad, then a white paper is all your visitors should get when they click onto your landing page.

Consistency is everything!

Don’t talk about free eBooks on your advertisement and then charge your visitors money for the same “free” eBook on your landing page.

2. No Pop-Ups

Do you want your visitors to think that you’re tacky? Because that’s exactly how pop-ups are read by your visitors. Another big and a mean BIG no-no is using that JavaScript dialogue that asks your visitors if they’re sure they want to leave your landing page, of course they’re sure, why do you think they pressed the exit key!


3. Make Use of Testimonials

A good word or two from your previous clients on your landing pages helps you woo your future clients. However, the testimonials that you use on your landing page shouldn’t be forged and neither should they be so strawberry sweet that they look forced.

4. Only Put Up Verified Facts

Before you put up any statistics on your landing page make sure that they are right! Don’t just guess something and write it on your landing page this will disintegrate all the trust that your visitors might have had in your offer.

With these four powerful strategies by your side, growing your landing page trust will come naturally to you.