The 4 New Instapage Features that You Need to Know About

4 New Instapage Features You Need to Know About

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You may have heard we made a big announcement last week, unleashing unlimited benefits for all Instapage users. But along with new pricing and unlimited benefits, we also updated our dashboard making the landing page creation (and management) process easier and more intuitive.

With these updates; marketing agencies, web design, digital marketing companies, and individual Internet marketers can manage their customer’s accounts easier. Large marketing teams can better segment their team’s campaigns, too.

Now that the floodgates are open to generate maximum pages, traffic, and domain publishing — let’s dig into the new and improved dashboard.

Client Accounts

Before the update, users could manage client accounts via the “Personal Projects” drop-down:

This screenshot shows Instapage's old client account dropdown menu.

It proved to be inconvenient because users could not see all client accounts in a single layout without always accessing the drop-down menu. Now, client accounts are organized in a single layout, by tabs (red arrows below) with the ability to rename and delete by clicking the down arrow on the active tab (green arrow):

This screenshot shows Instapage's new client account layout with organized tabs.

Navigating between client accounts is now much faster, and the renaming function makes it easier to organize them, which leads us to team members for client accounts …

Team Members

Accessing team members is no longer a hidden menu item. Before, when you logged into your account, you had to click the “My Account” drop-down in the top-right corner:

This screenshot shows Instapage's old layout for team members.

Which would take you to a team member page similar to this:

This screenshot shows Instapage's old team member page.

With the new team member management, we moved them from the My Account menu and placed them front and center on each client account’s tab:

 This screenshot shows Instapage's new team member layout.

Of course, your team members will be attached to their respective client account. Your team members’ avatar will be assigned a default image like the colorful ones you see above. To have custom images similar to the two on the far right, have each member upload a photo to their profile page or sign up for Gravatar. (The image you upload to Gravatar will be pulled into Instapage and assigned accordingly.)

Also, depending on your team member status, you can now give your team members permission to view, edit, and manage your pages:

This screenshot shows Instapage's new team member permissions.

Each permission level has different privileges:

View: Perfect for sharing work in progress with clients or stakeholders within your organization. They can see the progress you’re making without the ability to make changes.

Edit: Great for contractors and team members to build landing pages for your campaigns without the giving them full access to publishing pages or send leads to unauthorized integrations.

Manage: Give trusted team members nearly all of the abilities you enjoy while protecting your account, billing, domain, and integration settings.

For example, let’s say your marketing team has five people assigned to create and manage various landing pages for your business. That could present numerous challenges trying to manage everybody and their respective projects. You no longer have to sort through a full list of team members to see which projects are a work in progress. Now, you can sort by the client account and see which members are working together on a campaign. And with View/Edit/Manage permissions, the project manager has better control of team members and their landing page privileges.

Team member management is more organized with more control — a win-win!

Cleaner Dashboard

Now and then it’s good to do a little extra house cleaning. In the past, the main dashboard’s right margin included an affiliates section and most recent Instapage blog posts. It was a bit too “busy”:

This screenshot shows Instapage's old affiliate section.

To simplify this, we removed the right margin’s contents altogether — making it much simpler and keeping you focused on managing your pages and client accounts:

This screenshot shows Instapage's cleaner dashboard.

We didn’t eliminate the affiliates option; we just moved it under the My Account drop-down, which directs you to this page. This way you can still earn cash by referring customers to Instapage! Now that all pages can enjoy unlimited traffic, there’s no need for a unique visitor meter, either.

Simplified Account Management

If you’re sensing a theme with these updates, it’s consolidation and efficiency. And for account management, we consolidated all billing information with a link in the same My Account menu. Once you click on “Billing”, you will see a page similar to this:

This screenshot shows Instapage's new billing tabs layout.

You’ll notice we have subscription, billing information, and payments all have their dedicated tabs for you to manage your account.

We’ve also revamped our help section to provide you full technical support. Clicking the question mark in the top right corner brings you to our updated help section, complete with an extensive knowledge base, help ticket submission, advanced customer support features, and more:

This screenshot shows Instapage's new help section.

If you’re a Professional or Premium Instapage subscriber, you have access to live chat, which is available up to 18 hours per day. Even if “Chat is Off-Line”, support requests are sent straight to an email representative and receive priority treatment. Premium users get all of the above support, plus phone assistance and access to a template design review by one of our landing page experts (typically sold separately).

We’re pretty excited about these changes, and hope you are too! We hope these new and improved dashboard features help you create and test landing pages, manage team members more efficiently, and manage your billing information with ease.

Not an Instapage user yet and want to take advantage of the new dashboard and our landing page platform? Click here and start a free 14-day trial! Or, if you’re already an Instapage user, go here to upgrade from your current plan to have access to advanced support.

If you have any questions or concerns about these updates, feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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