4 Helpful Ways to Gain Your Visitors’ Landing Page Trust

4 Helpful Ways to Gain Your Visitors’ Landing Page Trust

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When you’re standing in the toothpaste aisle of the supermarket, which brand of toothpaste do you go for?

a. The one with a smiling tooth for a mascot
b. The one with vibrant packaging
c. The one that’s recommended by a doctor and certified

Colorful imaginative packaging helps, heck, even a cute mascot can take up your fancy. But still, the factor that makes you take the decisive action to pick a particular toothpaste off of the shelf and leave the rest of them sitting sadly in their places endures. You have trust in that brand.

Trust and authority are major factors where user behavior is concerned, whether someone is buying your toothpaste or clicking on your CTA button.

Customers tend to go for buying things that they can trust in, because money doesn’t grow on trees (no matter how much we wish that it would)! so if you want to get conversions for your landing pages you’ll need to build landing pages that your users can trust in aka authoritative landing pages.

And how do you go about getting authoritative landing pages, by keeping in mind the following 4 factors.

1. Provide Trust Symbols

Just as toothpaste companies get dentists to recommend their brand, you need to get credible and relevant authority websites to recommend your product or service.

landing page trust symbols

If you’re a health service for example, get yourself some credible trust assurances from renowned doctors or other medical authorities. Once you do that your visitors are sure to sign up with your service as soon as they come on your landing page.

2. Provide Context of Use

You can claim all you want that your product or service is the best of the best in the market, but without proper context of use, your words are noting but empty promises to your visitors.

If you want your visitors to take the next step and click on your CTA button then you need to give them solid proof of what your product can actually do, include a graphic of your product being used on your landing page and just watch as your conversions soar.

landing page trust image

Context of use is particularly important for Mobile App Landing Pages.

3. Give it Up for Some Social Proof

If your landing page isn’t a part of some social network then I’m sorry to tell you that your landing page simply doesn’t exist. If your page isn’t visible to your visitors, there’s no good reason for it to exist and where are many of your visitors looking?

That’s right, on social networks!

Plus with social proof, the psychological formula of doing what others are doing also comes into play. When your visitors see a ton of likes and tweets on your landing page they are sure to click on your CTA button and see what the whole social hullabaloo is about.

4. Testimonials Set the Record Straight

Nothing can sell a product better than a loyal customer whose singing praises about your amazing product. This is because customers often think alike, which is why they trust each other’s opinion.

Including true testimonials on your website really helps with your conversions, you do need to make sure however that the testimonials are honest and descriptive, just including a customer quote saying “Great Service” doesn’t really persuade your visitors.

landing page testimonial

Try adding testimonials that tell an inspiring customer story to get the most clicks on your CTA button.

Your landing page conversions are in your own hands, just make sure you set up an authoritative landing page and you’re sure to tame them.

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