4 Great Ways to Simplify Your Landing Page

4 Great Ways to Simplify Your Landing Page

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I may not be as foxy as Mr. Foxworthy but I can still help you learn an important lesson here today; things that fifth graders understand about your landing page while you remain completely oblivious to them.

What if I were to tell you that if you just start designing your landing pages as a fifth grader would, you would actually grab onto more conversions.

Yes, it’s hard to believe, I mean how could a mere kid understand all the dynamics and logic that go into making a landing page successful?

But I assure you, after you’re done with this post you’ll not only understand my aforementioned position, but will actually agree with it wholeheartedly.

In the following lines I’ll let you in on 4 lessons that you can learn from fifth graders about your landing page.

Lesson #1: Every Question Goes

It’s no secret that kids like asking questions, in fact, if you’ve ever been in a car with one for some time I’m sure the question “Are we there yet?” has driven you insane enough to rip out your hair.

Kids love asking questions, they find them everywhere and in everything that they see. When you sit down to setup your landing page make sure that it answers all questions that your visitors can possibly have about your product or service.

Only when your landing page addresses all their questions will they think of clicking on your CTA button.

Everyone’s a skeptic; design your landing page accordingly. Only after your visitors have all the answers will they be able to trust you and your product.

Lesson #2: Simple Wins All

Children like simple things, nobody wants to get lost in a confusing maze, which is why your landing page should be anything but that. Make user experience your top priority and keep your landing pages simple not only to look at but to understand.

Your headline, CTA button, copy and lead capture form should all be simple.

Lesson #3: Incentives Are Always Great

Nobody says no to free stuff whether you’re 30 or 10 years old. Fifth graders have elaborate birthday parties just so they can score a lot of awesome gifts.

You add eons to the excitement of your visitors when you give away freebies with your landing pages. When the incentive is of good quality and is relevant you’ll get that many more clicks on your CTA button!

Lesson #4: Always Welcome New Friends

Making friends is very simple when you’re in the fifth grade, all you have to do is say “Hey” and you’re in.

Why is that so?

Because at that age we are all open and inviting, no one has to over analyze anything. When we like someone we want to be their friend.

In order for you to get the conversions that you want, your landing pages need to make everybody who comes across it a friend and to do so your page needs to be simple and inviting.

Design your landing page in a fashion that’s aesthetically appealing to the general population and not just one particular group. Create neat margins with lots of white space and pick a graphic that everyone can appreciate.

Plus, keep your landing page fonts and colors in tow with each other and you’ll truly have a Page that everyone will appreciate regardless of age or grade!

See how knowledgeable fifth graders are about landing pages without every going through lengthy analytics reports or A/B tests?

Try thinking like a fifth grader and you’ll be surprised how much you’ll end up learning from them.