3 Ways Landing Page Testing Leads You Towards Perfection

3 Ways Landing Page Testing Leads You Towards Perfection

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Building optimized landing pages isn’t like adding 1 + 1 and getting 2. All successful landing pages don’t follow a specific pattern. There’s no size fits all framework involved here, which is why sometimes marketers feel like headless chickens trying to figure out what to do with their landing pages; what is it that they need to change to get better conversions? Is it your copy or your image, your form or your CTA button?

Well this is the time that I lead you towards a solution that helps you come up with the perfect landing pages. It’s hard to hit the bulls eye with your landing pages from the get go, and this is where landing page testing comes in.

It’s landing page testing that helps you build the perfect page because it helps you examine and re-examine your page again and again until you find the elements that make up the very best landing page.

Landing page testing is there with you through your whole landing page building process, which is why landing page testing isn’t just a single approach. There are different tests that you can do on your landing pages to help spice them up.

If you want your landing pages to be the best versions of themselves, you’ll need to seriously consider some of the landing page testing techniques mentioned below.

1. Usability Tests

Usability tests basically help you assess how your visitors see your landing pages (i.e. how usable your landing pages are for your target audience). These tests help you understand if there is something on your pages that you need to change in order to smooth over the lead capture process.

For example the 5 second rule test helps you see how memorable and clear your landing pages are for your visitors. All you need to do to perform this test is get someone (favorably a neutral party) to see your landing page for 5 seconds and then after they’re done ask them a few questions about your page, like if they understood what the page was about etc.

2. Multivariate Tests

Multivariate tests help marketers test out different elements inside their landing page. You have to set up one landing page and then add different variants of your landing page elements which are then tested until you get to know which elements work perfectly together on your pages, or which elements your visitors prefer the most.

Multivariate tests are basically multiple A/B tests running simultaneously inside a single page.

3. A/B Tests

A/B tests are the most commonly performed landing pages tests and can you guess why that is? Because these tests simply work!

As you might have guessed from the name doing A/B tests involves you setting up two variations or alternates of your landing page. These variations are then analyzed and assessed. At the end of the test you get to know which variation of your page your visitors were most responsive to.

This basically means that the landing page that you end up showing most frequently is the one that your visitors liked the most.

You can test anything while performing A/B tests, you can test all the elements on your landing page; be it the CTA, the copy, headline, image or contact form.

To demonstrate to you that A/B tests actually work and help you get higher conversion rates, let’s look at an A/B split test performed on CTA button copy. Empire Flippers tested their landing page CTA button copy, the personalized button copy increased click-through rate by 33.10%:

this image shows a CTA button copy test performed by VWO

And this isn’t even the best part, what’s going to get you even more excited is the fact that Instapage now let’s you perform simple A/B tests. You can create variants of your landing page easily in the Instapage landing page builder just by pressing the plus tab shown below and then basically just A/B test your way to higher conversions.

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