What is a Joomla Landing Page?

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Whew – it’s been a long month, but you finally finished your first ebook.

It’s packed to the brim with valuable content, and you can’t wait to share it with all of your fans and followers.

But there’s just one big problem…

You don’t know how to get it onto your website.

After all, you’re not a developer.

You paid a friend of a friend to put together a basic website for you a while ago, and you’ve lost touch with him since.

But, honestly, how hard could it be?

All you have to do is build a page for your ebook, complete with a few images, some targeted copy, and a short lead capture form.

Well, looking at a web page, it’s easy to think that.

But in reality, what we see when we look at a traditional website is only a small portion of it, called the “front end.”

The “front end” is the part presented to us in a nice, neat, and organized fashion. When images look crisp, copy is perfectly aligned, and links take you to all the right places — that’s a result of coding on the “back end.” That coding serves as a kind of instruction to elements on the front end – telling them where they should be and how they should interact with the user.

It used to be that only people with knowledge of coding languages could build and maintain websites. But with the advent of content management systems like Joomla, small businesses can create and manage their websites without any outside help.
What is a content management system?

A content management system (CMS) allows users with no coding experience to create beautiful, fully-functioning websites.

With over 50 million downloads, Joomla is among the most popular content management systems on the web, powering small businesses and companies like Citibank, McDonalds, eBay, Ikea, and Sony.

Using templates, dashboards, and add-ons, Joomla lets users create and customize every detail of their website without needing access to its back end.
What is a Joomla post-click landing page?

A Joomla post-click landing page is one created using the Joomla CMS.

It’s similar to a traditional post-click landing page, in that its goal is to drive user action like:


But unlike traditional post-click landing pages, a Joomla post-click landing page requires no coding knowledge (the same is true for Instapage post-click landing pages). Joomla’s CMS also builds all your pages to be mobile responsive, too, as this picture shows:

This picture shows how Joomla post-click landing pages are mobile responsive.
Where should I make it?

Your Joomla post-click landing page should be a part of your site as a standalone page, inaccessible from your navigation bar.

This is for two reasons:

If you included every post-click landing page you ever created in your website’s navigation, things would start to look sloppy.
Every channel should have a dedicated post-click landing page. Matching the content of your ad to the content of your post-click landing page is an important part of establishing user trust. When you allow access to a post-click landing page via multiple channels, it not only undermines that trust-building but makes it more difficult to track the buyer journey as well.

Who should use a Joomla post-click landing page?

Joomla post-click landing pages are popular among big and small brands. However, they’re most useful to businesses that:

Don’t already have a team of developers
Don’t have a need for excessive customization that would require coding knowledge
Don’t have the budget to outsource their web development to seasoned professionals

And that’s because CMS’s are easy-to-use, low-cost, and flexible enough to meet most businesses’ design needs.
When should I create my Joomla post-click landing page?

At some point, you’ll want to guide your fans and followers toward the next step in the buyer journey.

You’ll want them to sign-up for your webinar, or start a free trial of your service, and that’s when you’ll want a Joomla post-click landing page.

For example, this Joomla post-click landing page from magazine Outdoor Photographer was made with the intention of turning website visitors into magazine subscribers:

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