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The title may seem perfunctory to some of you, but the fact of the matter is, although Google generates about 16,600,000 results when you search for the word “landing page”, there are hundreds of marketers out there still living in oblivious land as far as the use of landing pages is concerned.

Though it may be nice and breezy in oblivion land with beaches, coconut oil, tanning and what not but the one thing that’s not there are conversions- juicy, succulent conversions; something that turns your traffic into dough.

And because money is an infinite desire, the thing that makes the world go round, it’s important that all marketers must know the exact answer to the following question.

What Are Landing Pages?

Landing pages are singular pages that have been designed with the core focus of getting conversions. It is a page where you direct your advertising traffic when you want to score some conversion action.

Unlike your homepage which is a giant buffet table of all the product and services that you offer, your landing page is the a la carte option, something special and unique, something that you only get one of.

Landing Pages are designed to hit the sweet spot of conversions, to help you get your conversions exactly where you want them to be.

It is important for marketers to know what landing pages are because they help you convert your traffic into leads, something that’s extremely hard to do on a hotchpotch homepage. Landing pages help streamline and your incoming traffic into leads by increasingevancy.

Add a nicely designed lead capture form on top of this and you not only get to capture leads (your visitors’ information) but, you get to capture high quality leads.

Why Should You Bother With Landing Pages?

It might be sad to note but the fact is that many marketers still think their homepages would suffice for getting conversions and there really isn’t any need for them to bother with building, optimizing, publishing and testing landing pages.

This is something that needs to change, and it needs to change now!

Want a one liner on why you should bother with landing pages?

Well, here goes.

They increase your conversion rates.

It really is as simple as that!

With a focused anded approach that comes with landing pages marketers are able to score higher conversion rates and hence bigger successes.

Though I might understand some marketer’s hesitation with landing pages pre Instapage with all the A/B testing and web designing to worry about, it totally dumbfounds me post Instapage because with The simple landing page platform by your side there isn’t anything you (yup, you yourself) can’t do for your landing pages.

This includes designing, optimizing, testing and publishing your very own landing pages in minutes.

Instapage makes landing pages simple; it really doesn’t get any better than this!

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