The Instapage Website’s Fresh Look: What’s New & the Details Behind the Changes

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Instapage has evolved quite a bit since 2012. The product is more sophisticated than ever — we’re no longer just a quick way to get a page published — it’s a complete post-click optimization platform.

With not only a designer-friendly builder, our solution comes equipped with team collaboration, heatmaps, detailed A/B testing and analytics, scalable creation, AMP landing page functionality, and of course personalization.

Besides the product itself, our brand and colors have evolved — messaging too. Today is the next stage in that evolution.

Founder & CEO, Tyson Quick, explains it best:

We made these changes because our team is now entirely focused on the value we're delivering. Instapage needed a new way of communicating our value both visually and verbally.

After years of investing in new value creation, we realized that we've been presenting our product as a tool and not as a solution to big marketing and advertising problems. Instapage is not a "builder," it is an "Advertising Conversion Cloud™" that helps you turn more ad-clicks into conversions through highly personalized post-click landing pages.

This refresh helps us better tell that story.

What changed with the website refresh?

New brand colors

Choosing brand colors is not a process any company should take lightly, and our team looked at our previous color palette to determine how we wanted to be viewed moving forward. The Instapage visual style is more sophisticated than ever — which mirrors the product’s evolution.

Our goal was to add a bit more life to our site, which was dominated by a blue color palette, without losing a connection with everything that we created to this point. During this process, we tried to define what the core keyword is for each page and make that a focal point for each illustration.

For the people you see in designs across the site, we wanted to focus on human activity at work. After all, we are humans, and we design for humans. The isometric designs show teams at work solving problems and creating better workflows, just like Instapage is designed to do.

Rafal Bogdan, our Graphic Design Manager, elaborates:

When we developed the style, we wanted to create clean, style-based, basic geometric shapes, which could support the copy better and be easy to use for all designers in the company.

New messaging

“Less is more” is a mantra we try to adhere to, and with this refresh, we transitioned towards more simplified pages with less copy, focusing on the most important elements of each page. More direct messaging conveys the product value immediately without unnecessary text.

Here are some examples that demonstrate the before and after the website refresh.

Homepage: before and after

Old homepage

New homepage

The updated homepage illustrates the Advertising Conversion Cloud immediately with isometric design and introduces personalized post-click landing pages while featuring our new brand colors:

Page speed section: before and after



The new page speed section of the site includes details on our AMP builder, the new Thor Render Engine™ system, and responsive page experiences:

New look, same industry leader

The Instapage website may look a little different, but consider these changes the next stage in our maturity. We’re still the leader in post-click optimization, and our improved messaging, visual style, and color palette were necessary steps to reflect that.

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