Use Web Typography That Can’t Be Ignored: The New Instapage Google & Typekit Integrations

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All the world’s longest running and biggest brands, like Coca-Cola, Disney, and Kellogg’s, have by and large used the same typography throughout their histories. Not because they liked the way their names looked in print (although that probably does figure into the equation).

Rather, they consistently employed the same fonts because they were among the first to figure out that typography has an intrinsic value and possesses a full-on je ne sais quoi.

Fonts and web typography are your brand’s first impression in the digital marketing space and are what a newcomer uses to form their first impression about your brand. So selecting, and then maintaining, your typography as it conveys your brand, is essential. After all, nobody wants to be using the “sweatpants of fonts.”

HubSpot recommends marketers download these 35 fonts to implement into their marketing campaigns. But, why settle for only 35 font types? Why not have the freedom and flexibility to choose from thousands of font types?

Fonts that conform to your needs, not the other way around

Maintaining your brand’s integrity is a big deal — and a big part of every brand is its typography. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to adhere to your brand’s typographical guidelines when creating a landing page.

We know this because you told us. So we fixed that.

New typography design feature enhances your landing pages

Today we’re announcing our Custom Fonts feature that allows you the flexibility to choose your font. Also, this means Instapage is now providing nearly 100 times more font choices than every other landing page software on the market.

With Custom Fonts, your landing pages now have access to:

Google web fonts offers hundreds of free open-source fonts optimized for the web. Adobe Typekit is a subscription based font service that brings thousands of fonts together for easy browsing and web application. Both provide more customization for you and your pages.

What’s even better is that there’s no need to upload or integrate with any external API. Each font group is already uploaded to the Instapage builder and ready to use. Google Fonts is included for Basic and Pro users, whereas Premium users can enjoy both Google Fonts and Typekit!

All Instapage users can access these typography fonts in the same location within our software.

Once you’re logged in, click on “Settings” and then open the “Fonts” tab, which will show you these dropdowns:

To see how Google Fonts allows you to change your landing page typography, watch this short demonstration:

And if you’re a Premium Instapage user, the process is nearly the same. Instead of choosing “Google” from the web font dropdown, select Typekit and then “add font:”

Don’t forget to select the green “Done” button in the top right corner of the page when you’re finished!

Keep your landing pages on-brand with custom fonts

Typography means everything to your brand. Stay true to your brand, increase trust, get more sign-ups, leads, and sales while maintaining your high typography design standards with custom fonts.

New Instapage users can start using custom fonts by signing up for a 14-day trial here, while current Instapage users can login to begin using this new feature.

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