Videos and Their Psychological Impact on Landing Page Conversions

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As a marketer you know what a picture is worth. But, what about video?

According to Forrester Research’s Dr. James McQuivey, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.

That’s a lot of communication and persuasion happening in a minute’s time, and this is why landing pages with video tend to perform better.

In fact according to eMarketer 51.9% of marketers said that videos were amongst the content mediums that had the highest ROI.

We already knew that landing page videos attracted more conversions. But we decided to pull up our sleeves and dig a little deeper to find out why videos outshined little ol’ words on so many landing pages.

This is what this post is going to do. It’s going to show you the psychological perspective behind the efficacy of landing page videos. It’s also going to explain to you why putting a video on your landing pages increases your conversions and how to optimize your landing page videos to make the best of an already bright situation.

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Videos Activate the Right Parts of the Human Brain

When we look at speakers or characters in a video, our brain’s fusiform facial area is activated, this increases our attention and focus.

The Fusiform Face Area (FFA) is a part of the human visual system that, it is speculated, is specialized for facial recognition, although there is some evidence that it also processes categorical information about other objects, in particular, familiar ones. (Wikipedia)

So, when watching a video our brain automatically starts paying more attention to it than it would do to words, because it tries to judge whether or not the people or characters moving around in the video are familiar.

The FFA area also has a direct link to our emotions, so not only are we trying to recognize the speakers/characters but we are forming social and informational ties on a much deeper level.

The Video Voice Over Easily Persuades Users

Landing page copy is all about talking to the visitor. Now imagine the persuasive weight your words would carry if you were actually talking to the visitor through your video. You won’t have to use italics or exclamation marks to convey your emotions, simply with the help of a changing tone of voice you’ll be able to express yourself completely.

Another reason videos become viral so quickly is because the emotions featured in a video are contagious. When you portray how easy to use your product is in the video, the visitor latches on to this emotion and goes through the rest of your landing page keeping this feeling intact.

A landing page that does awesome things with its video is Shopify:

The Movement in Videos Captures and Keeps Your Visitors’ Attention

According to psychologist Susan Weinshneck, since the hunting days our brains have been programmed to pay attention to noise and movement.

This fact translates into the following statement, when both our auditory and visual senses are stimulated, our attention is heightened.

And what engages our auditory and visual senses at once? Well, videos of course.

By now you know the psychological reasons why videos have a positive impact on your conversions. Let’s move onto the video optimization tips now. Instead of telling you what you should do with your videos, we’re going to discuss everything that you shouldn’t do with your landing page videos.

Unnecessarily Lengthy Videos

You know what the easiest part of your landing page video is? Getting your visitor to click play, because sheer curiosity urges him to do so. However, if your video doesn’t seem to come to an end, the visitor will click the exit button. And if your visitor has left before he saw the call to action well then say bye bye to your conversion.

A 45-90 second video is all that you need to convey the benefits of your product or service on your landing page. Don’t bore your visitors with a pointlessly long video. Make sure that your video explains your message properly.

Don’t be cheap with the costs, and please don’t just make a slideshow of stock photography and assume that you’ve made a video.

Create a high-quality video and then put it on your landing page along with a clear call to action button.

Wistia analyzed that shorter videos were better for getting people to watch the whole thing. The longer the video, the lesser the chances that people are going to watch it.

The graph explains the stats quite clearly:

A Video That Just Goes On About You

Just as your landing page copy shouldn’t be all, “me, myself and I” the video script that you write for your video shouldn’t just focus on you and your company. Talk about your customer, understand their problem and then explain to them how clicking on the call to action button is going to make that problem go away.

Don’t begin with – “here’s what we’re offering you today” instead go for “here’s how we’re going to help you today”.

Yes, explain your service but not from your point of view but, from the point of view of your visitors, they should feel that the landing page video is about them and not about you.

A Video Without a Script

Creating a landing page video isn’t something that you do spontaneously. It’s not like you wake up one day and think well today I’m going to make my video, and so you sit in front of your computer with an unshaven face and hit record.

If you want your videos to get you conversions you need to spend ample time on it. Write out a proper video script – don’t mumble your way through the video. Do a practice run before you shoot the real thing and if you find that something isn’t right – edit and reshoot.

If you half-ass your way through your landing page videos, you really shouldn’t expect to get any conversions. Another annoying thing that you can do with your videos is set them on auto play.

Give your visitors the option of playing your video, and if they are even the slightest bit interested in your product, they will hit play.

Make playing the video obvious, like Crazy Egg does on its page:

We understand just how important video is for landing page conversions, and this is exactly why we offer you the option of adding a video to your page with just a click of a button. What’s more is that a lot of Instapage templates are already designed keeping video in mind.

Still have questions about adding a video to your landing page? Let us know in the comments below.

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