4 Ways Using Landing Pages Can Scale Your Business

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Startups and midsize companies have timers on them. The venture capital model requires a liquidity event within about ten years. Today’s technology-enabled companies cannot afford to wait; they must act swiftly. They must grow their user base and revenue, and they have to do it fast.

Growth marketing is an aptly named modern marketing discipline that is underpinned by one thing — growth at all cost. Facebook, Lyft, Pinterest, and Slack are recent venture-backed successes that have embodied this mindset. They’ve used customer learnings, clever growth hacks and a maniacal focus on optimization to acquire and convert customers into paid users.

In 2015, I became the first marketer at real estate crowdfunding startup, RealtyShares. RealtyShares is now a Series B stage company with over 100 employees.

When I first arrived at RealtyShares, we used expensive A/B testing software and made inflexible post-click landing pages using WordPress. Neither of those Landing page software alternatives were particularly fast or scalable. I was introduced to Instapage in 2015 and started using the platform at RealtyShares with seriously impressive results.

We’ve created 100+ post-click landing pages that we use for all sorts of informational and lead capture purposes. One of our most important signup flows saw a 40% improvement in conversion rate after we replaced it with Instapage.

Since being introduced, I have since used Instapage in five consulting jobs. The speed, custom design capabilities, optimization metrics, and integrations make it incredibly powerful for both me and my clients.

To fully maximize your results when using post-click landing pages, take it from me and use these four Instapage features:
1. Lead notifications

Instapage doesn’t just come with an intuitive builder, advanced analytics, and a collaboration tool all in one. The platform is an excellent way to enable sales teams, too.

When earning or losing a sale can often depend on your sales team’s response time, you need marketing tools that capture leads and immediately passes the lead to a sales rep for follow up. Without such a tool, the lost time of qualifying every single lead before passing it to sales can be costly to your company’s bottom line.

At RealtyShares, we’ve found that calling fresh leads is a recipe for success (no surprise). Therefore, it’s crucial that our sales teams react in real time. Turn on Instapage’s Lead Notifications feature to trigger emails to your sales team in real time. This way, they’re able to see when a lead comes in the door instantly. And if you’re an agency or consultant like myself, branded email notifications allow you to take full credit for lead gen without having clients wonder why they’re receiving emails from “Instapage” and not you.

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