All Types of Twitter Website Cards & Examples

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A good presence on any social media platform directs people off it, because lead nurturing doesn’t happen in any one place. To get people to buy, you’ve got to get them to your website, on your email list, and onto relevant landing pages. For businesses advertising on Twitter, Twitter Website Cards can help with that.

What is a Twitter Website Card?

Twitter Website Cards are a type of Twitter ad that focuses on getting visitors from Twitter to your business’s web pages. They drive visitors to places where marketing further down the funnel occurs.

And as there are a variety of Twitter ad formats for different goals, there are different types of Twitter Website Cards that use a variety of formats to get Twitter users to a business’s website.

Before we get to those, let’s have a look at how a Twitter Website Card works.

Twitter Website Cards: The basics

Even if you don’t know them by name, you’ve seen Twitter Website Cards if you’ve spent any time on Twitter. And while there are few different types of website cards, they all share the same basic design. Here’s what a single image website card looks like:

The advantages of using Twitter Website Cards is pretty evident. Instead of just text, advertisers have an entire image to help generate the click-through. That image doesn’t just catch the eye, it’s a big target for the prospects’ mouse too.

Above, the New York Times captures attention and conveys its value proposition in the image (“50% off for one year,” “support independent journalism.”) and text. Below those, the headline’s a missed opportunity (“Ends today”), because it only repeats what you read in the image. Underneath the headline, you’ll see social proof in the form of a URL and counters. But a single image website card isn’t the only type you can create.

Twitter Website Card specs

The tweet above from the New York Times is a single-image website card. But there are several other types of website cards you can create when you sign up to advertise on Twitter. You’ll find those below, complete with ad specs on how to create them perfectly. For ad types on all the other major networks, claim the Instapage ad specs resource here.

Plain Text Tweet

A Plain Text Tweet promotion relies only on the 280 characters allotted by Twitter to drive key business objectives like awareness and clicks.


Image Website Card

A Single-Image card allows advertisers to drive clicks with a tweet complete with one eye-catching image linked to a relevant landing page.


Twitter Image App Card

A Twitter Image App Card is an image website card that drives visitors to a marketplace like Google Play or Apple’s App Store, where they can download an app.


Twitter Promoted Video

A Twitter promoted video ad uses video to claim the attention of a particular audience on the platform to boost brand awareness. These can range from a few seconds to a full ten minutes for select advertisers.


Single-image Tweets and GIFS

Single-image Tweets and GIFs appear in users’ Twitter feeds, featuring text and one image or GIF.

AD SPECS (mobile)

AD SPECS (desktop)

Multi-image Tweets

Multi-image Tweets and GIFs appear in users’ Twitter feeds, featuring text and multiple images or GIFs.

AD SPECS (mobile)

AD SPECS (desktop)

Video App Card

A video app card uses motion to draw the eye in users’ Twitter feeds, then it drives them to a landing page in the App Store or Google Play where they can download your app.


Video Website Card

Video website cards are promoted tweets that use video to capture user attention and drive clicks to a web page.


Direct Message Card

A direct message card is a choice of advertisers who want to promote their chatbot or other specific customer experiences. With an image or video and four customizable CTA buttons, these ads drive users to private and personalized experiences within direct messages.


Adding Twitter cards to your website

So how do you start using website cards to drive traffic? From the foundation up, here’s how to create a Twitter Website Card that generates clicks:

  1. Log in on the Twitter Ads homepage.
  2. Hit “Creatives” in the top navigation.
  3. Select “Cards.”
  4. Select “Website” below the “Card” tab.
  5. Click “Create Website Card.”

Then you’ll have to create the end display of your card:

Twitter Website Cards best practices

After you’ve done this, you’ll have to add it to a campaign. Add it to an existing campaign here or create a new one. Then, compose your tweet. This will serve as the text of your ad.

Once you’ve written, all you need to do is click the Cards icon to attach your card, then click “Tweet” to send it out into the Twittersphere.

Twitter card examples

Creating a compelling Twitter Website Card isn’t easy. Below, find some critiques of popular brands, and learn what to avoid when making your own, with some best practices:


What they did well:

What could be improved:


What they did well:

What could be improved:


What they did well:

What could be improved:

Start using Twitter Website Cards today

Remember, the ad is simply the first impression. Even the ad creative can’t convert a prospect by itself. It takes a persuasive landing page to close the deal.

Start using the ad specs above to create captivating Twitter cards. Then, convert that traffic with a great user experience using the most robust optimization platform.

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