The Two Most Important Lessons to Learn From Top Landing Pages!

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It’s human nature to admire (often times envy) people who have achieved what we wish to achieve, this is why the bigger girl eyes the skinny blonde, why a scrawny fellow looks onto someone with buns of steel, why you compare your landing page to the top landing pages and sigh.

Well, sigh no more my friend, sigh no more!

I bring to you a shortcut of destination conversions – no no – The sweetest shortcut of all.

A road at the end of which lies a powerful spell, a magical incantation that’s going to turn your ordinary landing pages into one of the top landing pages.

As you might already know I have analyzed my fair share of landing pages on the Instapage blog and therefore I have in my possession the key ingredients that go into making top landing pages so top notch.

So, for the purpose of this post think of me as Yoda and what you’re going to be doing is gathering around me while I teach you the two lessons that’ll make all the difference for your landing pages.

Lesson #1: Top Landing Pages are Focused

Top landing pages have one goal and one goal only, the entire page is created just to achieve this goal.

The goal that the landing page is meant to achieve is set before the landing page is built i.e. if the purpose of the landing page is to get quick conversions the copy of the landing page is left to a minimum and the CTA button is made the star.

And if the purpose of the page is to gather good quality leads, then a lot of thought goes into creating a well formatted, unobtrusive and easy to fill out lead capture form.

Take a look at the design of the Paper App landing page above by fiftythree. Its function is to get the visitor to download the app. The minimalist design serves this function beautifully by using minimal text and by having both a simple image and video to demonstrate the app being used. This encourages the user to make a quick and easy decision to download.

Getting my drift?

The success of top landing pages hinges on the fact that marketers decide what they want to achieve through their existence and then stick with that goal till the end.

Lesson #2: Top Landing Pages Love Their Customers

Love doesn’t just come in a fancy red box filled with chocolates and nougats, landing pages make sure that they are a success by showering their customers with love and affection and not the chocolaty kind.

How do they do that?

By ensuring that their customers get exactly what they came looking for on their landing pages.

This includes brand consistency i.e. your landing page headline should directly correspond to title of the Google ad or email link that brought your visitors to your landing page.

If you promised them a free ebook, your landing page should give them exactly that and not ask them for a fee once they click on your CTA button.

Your landing page copy should be centered on your customers; use “You” and “Your” instead of “Mine” and “Ours”.

Your landing page needs to be designed in a way that’s most appealing to your customers not to you.

The above Shopify ad appeared when I searched “Sell stuff online”. This ad then took me to theevant landing page below:

Take a look at the design. Its message is almost a perfect match to what I searched and then clicked on. The first two lines include both the words “You” and “Your”. To top it off they got personal with a big picture of a smiling, welcoming lady looking directly at me. BAM, I’m signing up!

Stop yourself from including excessive fields on your forms, think of what’s best for your customers and not for yourself. The best way to do this is ask yourself at every step of building your landing page WWMCW:

What Would My Customers Want?

Once you’ve mastered these two lessons, you’ll be the proud owner of top landing pages that other marketers would envy.

Don’t believe me? Try it yourself!

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