The True Power of Landing Page Testimonials

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Word of mouth is a powerful tool. Any marketer who thinks otherwise is not only kidding himself but is also adversely affecting his marketing campaigns.

In the online world, word of mouth is translated into customer testimonials. Landing page testimonials; the small snippets of reviews from your previous customers that inform your future customers about what the former thinks about your product.

Marketers Have a Lot on Their Plate

For those of you who have tried to put together a landing page know what I’m talking about. For a singular page, landing pages do have the tendency to make your brain frazzled; this is because this one single page can have a lot going on.

There’s an image you have to worry about, a CTA button that has to “pop” off the page, a headline that needs to engage, etc. Amidst of all the other landing page elements, testimonials sometimes get left behind.

If you are one of those marketers that only think of landing page testimonials as an afterthought, you seriously need to be reconsidering some things. You’re underestimating the power of landing page testimonials.

Landing Page Testimonials; They’ve Got the Power!

Landing page testimonials are a powerful conversion tool because there are some things that your customers can sometimes do better than you — generate customers.

Before we start on that, I just want to debunk a myth that’s always bugged me,

“Customers are only good for buying things.”

No they’re not!

They’re capable of much more, and that’s exactly what I’m going to show you below.

1. Customers Have More Credibility

It doesn’t matter if you are a start-up company or a full-blown corporate entity, your credibility is still shadowed by that of your customers.

Tell me, when you’re off to buy something like say a cell phone or an iPad, don’t you first stop to read what other customers think about that product or what their experiences are with it? And after reading the reviews how often do you change your mind?

Quite often I’m assuming, this is because when it comes to products, customers trust other customers instead of trusting companies alone.

When you come to think of it, this is what makes sense too.

So, if you want your landing pages to have a high conversion rate, or in other words if you want your product or service to sell like hot cakes you better include some good landing page testimonials that can help you do this job.

2. Customers Have More Persuasive Power

You telling your visitors to buy from you, whether you’re doing this through descriptive copy or impressive stats isn’t going to sway them as much as a good word from your previous customers will.


Because customers are more persuasive than you can ever hope to be and that’s because your customers are neutral while you are not!

Of course, You like Your product, why won’t you? But if your customers say that your product or service helped them out a lot, that counts for something.

And your future customers will click, click and convert on your CTA button.

Nobody can deny the power of landing page testimonials, right? If you want increased conversions, curate some of your best customer testimonials and include them the next time you’re designing your most persuasive landing page. For more on that, check out this guide:

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