The Importance of Personalization in EdTech Landing Pages

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As technology continues to transform the education landscape, it becomes increasingly vital for companies in the edtech industry to create landing pages that resonate with their target audience. As a hub for personalized learning resources, IXL’s landing page serves as an excellent example of how personalization can significantly impact student conversions and engagement.

To help you optimize your landing pages and achieve better results, we have distilled some key takeaways from IXL’s successful approach. By incorporating these strategies into your edtech landing pages, you can effectively increase conversions and create a more impactful user experience.

Three of our favorite elements of the IXL Landing Page (and why you should add these elements to your landing page!)

Maximize the Above the-Fold Section:

The top section of your landing page (visible content without the need to scroll down), plays a vital role in capturing users’ attention and engaging them right from the start. This can be achieved by presenting information clearly and concisely and avoiding overwhelming or confusing text.

Be sure to place important elements such as call-to-action (CTA) buttons, social proof, and customized geographic examples above the fold, so that visitors can easily comprehend the purpose and value of your offering without having to navigate further. This approach enhances the user experience, increases the likelihood of conversions, and maximizes the impact of your landing page.

Add Personalization Elements:
In the education and edtech sector, prioritizing the addition of personalized elements to landing pages is of utmost importance as it immediately builds trust with the visitor. This strategy allows you to connect with your target audience more individually, increasing engagement, relevance, and ultimately, conversions.

On IXL’s landing page, they go beyond generic messaging and incorporate a personalized element in the above-the-fold section. Specifically, they include the line “IXL helps DC schools excel,” which is tailored to a target geographic location. This personalized touch instantly resonates with individuals in that area by addressing their unique needs and context, creating a sense of familiarity and relevance.

Simplify Detailed Information:
An essential aspect to consider when designing a landing page is the ability to condense important information in a way that is scannable and easily digestible for visitors. This approach significantly improves the user experience, increases engagement, and enhances the likelihood of conversions.

IXL’s landing page, below the fold incorporates a fantastic infographic that effectively highlights what IXL offers to school administrators and provides a concise overview of their solution. By using visual elements, such as icons, charts, and graphs, the information is presented in a visually appealing and easily understandable format. This enables visitors to quickly grasp the key benefits without the need to read through long text blocks. Additionally, condensing content reduces scroll depth, making the page more accessible on mobile devices.

What we would experiment with:
At Instapage, we believe that constant testing & experimentation is necessary to achieve the best landing page conversion rates. With that in mind, here are some elements we would test on the IXL landing page:

By incorporating the key takeaways we have distilled from IXL’s successful landing page strategy, you can optimize your edtech landing pages and achieve better results. Remember, personalization is not just a buzzword—it is a powerful tool that can significantly impact conversions and engagement.

As you embark on refining your landing pages, take the time to understand your audience’s unique needs, challenges, and aspirations. Focus on your above-the-fold section, incorporate personalization elements wherever possible, and, work on simplifying complex information. By doing so, you will position your offerings as indispensable solutions in the ever-evolving education landscape.

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