Learn How Southern New Hampshire University Uses Google Search & LinkedIn with Post-Click Experiences to Increase Enrollment (3 Examples)

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Far too many advertisers don’t prioritize the post-click landing page. They don’t realize this stage of the customer journey is just as crucial as the pre-click stage because when ads and post-click landing pages fail to tell the same story narrative, conversion rates suffer. This is evident from an average conversion rate of just over 4%).

To generate maximum conversions, you must maintain relevance from ad to post-click landing page. This is especially true in the higher education industry, where prospective students are extra cautious about where to invest a large chunk of their money for many years.

We previously examined how other universities use dedicated post-click landing pages to acquire new students:

Now let’s see how Southern New Hampshire University does the same.

How SNHU segments their post-click landing pages

Example 1: Google search for “online degrees”

Someone near the top of the funnel considering an online education might do a quick Google search for “online degrees” and see this ad:

Several components indicate the ad is segmented for a specific audience:

The “Frozen Tuition” extension leads to this post-click landing page to continue that particular narrative:

This type of message match also ensures visitors know what the offer is as soon as they arrive and don’t doubt that they’re in the right place for what they’re looking for.

Additional benefits to choosing SNHU — surrounding student success, academics, and affordability — can be found under the lead capture form.

Visitors can also click the “Request Info” anchor link at the bottom of the page to be directed back up to the form.

Example 2: SNHU branded search

Searching by Southern New Hampshire’s acronym shows this PPC ad with more sitelink extensions to segment users into different audiences:

Clicking the second extension takes users to another dedicated post-click page:

The blue box above the form creates urgency and encourages prospects to request more information sooner, rather than later:

Example 3: LinkedIn retargeting ad

Following the previous interaction with SNHU, the university retargets with LinkedIn ads like this one:

Clicking the ad leads to this post-click landing page, which isn’t quite as personalized as the other two:

Compare these experiences to the SNHU homepage

Your ad traffic shouldn’t be sent to a homepage because it likely doesn’t deliver a unique, personalized post-click landing page to a segmented audience. Typically, homepages are designed as browsing experiences, providing an overview of everything a company offers.

Look at the SNHU homepage, for example:

It’s clear the SNHU homepage is designed to be a comprehensive browsing experience for all visitors, unlike the post-click landing pages above that all enjoy a 1:1 conversion ratio for segmented audiences.

Create a cohesive ad-to-post-click landing page

If you’re personalizing ads, you must also personalize the pages they direct traffic to. By focusing all your attention on ads and ignoring the post-click landing page, you’re likely wasting ad clicks and budget.

Be inspired by the SNHU examples above to tell the same story narrative across the pre- and post-click landing page. Then schedule an Instapage Enterprise Demo to start creating personalized post-click pages at scale.

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