SiteTuners Webinar Recap: Tim Ash Gives His Best Landing Page Optimization Tips (Infographic)

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Most marketers may think they’re doing a great job with their post-click landing pages simply because it converts and contributes to business growth. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

“Being fat and happy hides a multitude of costly sins,” explains Tim Ash, President & CEO of SiteTuners, in our recent post-click landing page design webinar. “What we should be focused on, instead, is the lost opportunity cost and the waste.”

Every marketer experiences lost opportunity — often times, more than once. That’s why our SiteTuners webinar diagnoses the most common post-click landing page problems: the Seven Deadly Sins of post-click landing page Design:
The webinar recap

SiteTuners webinar infographic
3 Key takeaways from the SiteTuners webinar
1) Keep your promises

The post-click landing page experience must deliver on the expectations of your ad set, otherwise known as message match. When you match the message from ad to post-click landing page, you ensure the ad directly relates to the post-click landing page so the prospect knows they’ve arrived at the correct place.

Message matching is achieved through:

Body copy
CTA buttons
Color schemes
The main offer

Here is an example that lacks message match. A Google search for “best digital camera” displayed this search ad:

lacking message match Google ad

If you’re familiar with Consumer Reports, you know they’re a subscription-based consumer service that offers unbiased reviews on countless subjects. So after seeing, “Get expert reviews of top digital cameras from Consumer Reports,” any search user would expect that clicking the ad should take them to a page to read reviews on the best digital cameras.

What they see does not match their expectations:

failed promise on post-click landing page

Although it starts off encouraging with “Top-Rated Digital Cameras” and “Over 56 digital camera models tested”, it doesn’t fulfill the ad’s promise.

Instead of seeing any expert reviews on this page, the only option visitors have is to pay for a subscription (“Join today”). That’s a huge disconnect between the ad and post-click landing page, which may leave visitors frustrated and with a negative impression of your brand.

As a marketer, you’re not only responsible for creating visually aesthetic post-click landing pages. You must also ensure that page matches the entire upstream experience and keeps the promise previously made by:

Matching ad and page headlines
Repeating ad text/keywords on the post-click landing page
Providing clear access to the ad’s offer

Translation: the post-click landing page matters a lot and it can make or break your chance of conversion.

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