Scaling Post-Click Experiences: The 3 Biggest Reasons Why Most Advertisers Struggle (Ebook)

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Personalization is the present and the future of digital advertising. Nearly all statistics point to this fact.

Still, businesses continue to fail at it. And it’s not fringe techniques like chatbot development or beacon tech they’re failing at — but the most basic foundations of personalization.

They’re creating highly targeted advertisements, testing designs, and they’re running them in all the most relevant places. But the problem comes when those ads are clicked.

Where advertisers fall short on personalization

The majority of digital ad campaigns are only half personalized. While advertisers spend much time and budget on the pre-click stage (ad targeting, design, bidding, and testing) they spend much less on the post-click stage (landing page design and beyond).

The result is a disjointed customer experience that completely negates all pre-click efforts. If your ad is personalized enough to drive a click, but the landing page is a generic catch-all for campaign traffic, then the post-click stage won’t be relevant enough to produce conversions. Unless your goal is awareness only, a campaign without conversions is an unsuccessful one.

That’s why every ad should have its own dedicated post-click landing page. Advertisers should have the same “target, test, refine” mindset that they have about ads. For each personalized pre-click experience, there should be an equally personalized post-click landing page to match. This balances the campaign, delivering on the promise of relevance made in the pre-click stage.

The difficulty with post-click personalization

In theory, this philosophy makes perfect sense: Personalization must be relevant and meaningful from the first impression to the final click.

However, it doesn’t take an advertising veteran to see the problems it could cause. Think about all the campaigns you create, all the ads in them, the variations of those ads, segments, and so on.

If you’re truly personalizing the post-click landing page to match the pre-click, you need an ad for each of those campaigns, ads, variations, segments. Doing that at the speed of advertising may seem impossible.

Well, tools have been developed to aid in the process; consultants and teams have formed to make personalization easier; and advertisers have used them in creative ways.

Unfortunately, many advertising teams come up short, draining time and budget in the process. That’s because they’re making three common, but costly mistakes:

Don’t make these scaling mistakes

Among the countless tools and teams for hire, there are many creative ways to scale personalization. Even if your team is remote, scalability is possible. However, only one is scalable for every team.

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