Here Are Some Sample Landing Pages Highlighting Their Pros and Cons

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Samples help us make decisions, whether that’s selecting a paint color for the nursery, deciding what color you want your highlights to be or helping you decide what route to take with your landing pages.

And because it would be stupid of us not to utilize this amazing power that samples possess. What we’re going to be doing today is presenting sample landing pages that’ll help you see which aspects you need to focus on when building and publishing POLPs (perfectly optimized landing pages) and what aspects become hindrances in your conversion process.

Let the sample landing page showcase begin

I’m going to be showcasing 10 sample landing pages below. These sample landing pages are meant to be more than just eye candy, I’m going to be analyzing what’s good and what’s bad on these landing pages to help make your marketing decisions easier.

1. Fluid Surveys

What’s Good?

The tagline explains exactly what FluidSurveys is all about, so if you’re in the market for questionnaires or surveys you know who to go to. The Signup process is rather simple, just a and email required.

Plus, perched on top of the lead capture form you’ll find the “no credit card” required sign which reduces the friction of the lead capture process.

The image isevant, showing how the service can be used and the CTA button is designed in a contrasting color.

What Needs to Change

I don’t know why companies are still doing this; well, here’s another plea for every marketer out there- please stop including navigation links at the top of your landing pages, they just mess up the awesomeness of your page.

I do think the headline is a little long. Some basic A/B Testing containing a few unique headlines would work out perfectly.

Also, FluidSurveys should test out a variety of CTA button texts, sure “Get Started” gets the job done but it lacks the va va voom that you need to stand out.

2. Soocial

What’s Good?

Soocial’s landing page is nice and clean, it looks simplified and elegant. The headline is pretty self-explanatory.

The graphics and the minimal amount of copy explain how you can use the service. Also, the visitor gets the option of two CTA buttons depending on the route that he wants to take.

What Needs to Change

I do have an issue with the CTA buttons being a bit dull, sure the primary CTA button is a tad bigger and brighter than the secondary one, but still, a lot needs to change as far as the design of the buttons are concerned.

Both buttons need oomph injections, also the primary button should be more prominent than the secondary one.

3. Picplum

What’s Good?

The tagline and headline are clear and to the point, no beating around the bush.

The CTA button is set in a contrasting color and tells you exactly what you need to do once you click on it.

The image of an envelope with pictures isevant. The overall feel of the landing page is serene.

What Needs to Change

Again with the top of the page navigation links; remove remove remove!

The option of “Drag Your Photos Here” should also be set in a contrasting color.

4. Pocket

What’s Good?

The headline is great and leaves really no need for any copy. The images areevant with aaxing feeling which is exactly what this service is all about.

You have the option for video as well to better learn how pocket works.

The CTA button is contrasting and clear.

What Needs to Change

Again with the navigation links!

5. Evernote

What’s Good?

Simple and effective headline. Neatly defined product features with corresponding images.

Good spacing between the landing page elements, which enhances the readability of the page.

What Needs to Change

First of all the navigation links need to go.

Secondly, why is the CTA button designed in the same color as the rest of the landing page? The copy of the button is good but the design of it is a big no-no.

6. Blip Me

What’s Good?

The copy is minimalistic and clear. The “Free” sticker gives you the incentive of signing up.

There is social media integration which is a very important aspect of POLPs. The image shows how the service can be used therefore isevant and spot on.

The CTA button is big and designed in a contrasting color.

What Needs to Change

Different versions of the CTA button could be tested out to get a much more visual and artistic CTA button design.

7. Ness

What’s Good?

The headline and copy are completely apt; they leave nothing to the imagination.

The graphic isevant and quite delicious!

The overall design of this app hits the bulls eye, with the CTA button and everything.

This is definitely one of the best landing pages in the showcase because I really can’t find anything wrong with it. Yes, social media integration would be awesome but other than that this app landing page is great.

8. Assistant

What’s Good?

The graphic is big andevant. The features of the app are explained neatly in a list. The copy is short but explains the app aptly.

There is social media integration which is always good for trust and for conversions.

What Needs to Change

The CTA button is not the king of this landing page, all the thunder is being stolen by the gigantic image and so no one can even notice the CTA button.

The button needs to brighter and much much bigger!

9. Flowerly

What’s Good?

Flowerly has a funky landing page design. The font ties in well with the whole theme of the app.

The CTA button is bright and contrasting and you see the same funky font there too, so A+ for brand consistency.

The graphic is again magicallyevant.

What Needs to Change

Everything was going so well with this landing page and then again we see the navigation links.

10. Pair

What’s Good?

The copy pretty much tells it all. The CTA button is contrasting.

There’s social media integration.

Good image which again carries on the brand consistency of Pair i.e. a couple holding the iphone together.

What Needs to Change

The font of the copy could be taken up a few notches.

The CTA button could also use some good old A/B testing.

That’s it for this post; hopefully these sample landing pages have given you a nice sneak peek into what you need to do with your landing page. Which sample landing page did you like best?

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