How Qualtrics Uses Segmented Ads with Post-Click Experiences (4 Examples)

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Pre-click advertising strategies — micro-targeting ads, personalizing the ads, even creating ads at scale — has been made progressively easier over time. Unfortunately, the same isn’t always true for post-click landing pages, which is why average conversion rates remain just over 4%.

To guarantee more conversions, advertisers must segment and personalize the entire user experience from ad click to conversion.

Instead of linking every ad to your homepage or even a generic landing page, creating relevant, personalized post-click landing pages for every audience segment that clicks your ad is the most proven way to increase conversions. The ad and post-click page must tell the same consistent story.

Let’s see how experience management company, Qualtrics, uses 1:1 ad-to-page personalization to offer their solutions by reviewing a few examples.

How Qualtrics segments post-click landing pages

Example 1: Google paid search

Someone looking for “customer experience management” options might see this keyword-relevant paid search ad:

Pieces of the search phrase are included in both the ad headline (‘customer experience’) and the third sitelink extension (‘Experience Management’), letting the user know this ad is relevant to their query. The in-depth description also informs them that clicking through will provide more useful information.

Once clicked, they land on this post-click page which continues the relevancy to the next stage:

Upon arrival, it’s clear the page is closely connected to the ad, telling visitors a story about market research and why it’s integral for customer experience management:

The copy below the headline then provides a brief overview on why prospects should want to pair up with Qualtrics (freedom to make real-time changes, control of reports, easily shareable insights, etc.) before the benefits are explained further down the page.

This part of the story continues into the next section of the page where Qualtrics lists some benefits their customers receive: bulletproof survey templates, flexible self-service or fully managed service, instant access to high-quality survey respondents, award-winning customer support, etc.

Example 2: Bing paid search

A similar, but slightly varied Bing search for “digital customer experience” shows this Qualtrics paid ad:

Again, the ad is extremely relevant to the search phrase. The exact term is included in the main headline, and pieces of it are included in both the description and sitelink extensions. They’re included in the display URL as well, which shows searchers they’ll be sent to a highly-relevant post-click page that matches their search query.

Clicking either the main headline or the “Customer Experience” sitelink extension leads to this matching page:

Immediately, it’s clear the page continues the customer experience story, as it tells visitors:

Next, the subheadline supplements that by explaining how the platform makes it easy for companies to monitor, respond, and improve every touchpoint along the customer journey. This is further supported by the image showing all the different devices on which Qualtrics delivers great customer experiences.

First, the G2 Crowd badge for 2019 winter leader at the top of the page. Then company logos directly below the fold that use Qualtrics, including Disney, Coca-Cola, and Microsoft. Lastly, several star ratings from G2 Crowd, TrustRadius, and Capterra highlight that Qualtrics is rated well by its customers.

The “Customer Satisfaction” extension takes people to a very similar page as the previous example:

This page tells the same story, but adds context about Qualtrics customer satisfaction:

To conclude the Bing example, clicking the “Online Survey Platform” sitelink extension leads to this page:

Similar to the page design as the others before it, this time it focuses specifically on how the platform can be used for online surveys, telling prospects:

At the bottom of the page are two more sections of social proof to highlight who else uses Qualtrics: analyst awards and customer testimonials.

Example 3: LinkedIn retargeting ad

After the Google and Bing searches — and visiting each post-click landing page — I was then retargeted by this Sponsored Ad on LinkedIn which continues the customer experience story:

Clicking the ad takes people to this page where they can dive deeper into the story before downloading the CX reading list:

The page displays incredible message match to the ad and tells a specific story:

There’s even an incentive for downloading the list (the first 50 people receive a free copy of one book on the list) which adds urgency to redeeming this offer.

Example 4: Retargeting display ad

I was also retargeted by these two display ads on

Clicking the bottom ad goes to this page:

It tells a slightly different story this time:

Compared to non-segmented ads and the homepage

Compare all of the personalized experiences above with what a search user sees if they search for Qualtrics by name. They may still see a paid ad:

However, clicking the ad takes people to the Qualtrics homepage instead of delivering a specific, personalized post-click landing page:

The homepage provides an overview of what Qualtrics offers so that users can explore a solution to any problem themselves.

Since this page is generalized to anyone interested in Qualtrics for various reasons, all visitors see the same page. Like many homepages, it’s designed to be a browsing experience and doesn’t persuade visitors to convert on any specific offer.

Increase conversions by connecting ads with segmented post-click landing pages

To avoid wasting ad clicks and advertising budget, you must pay as much attention to post-click landing pages as you do your ads. A homepage is not personalized for specific audiences, while a dedicated post-click landing page is a natural extension of the ad.

Use the Qualtrics examples above for inspiration and get an Instapage Personalization Demo to see how you can provide dedicated post-click pages for each target audience.

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