How Biden & Trump Are Using Landing Pages to Win

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Every presidential candidate has political advertisements across the web, vying to make an impression on citizens, strengthen their campaigns, and, ultimately, win votes.

The most successful ads, though, are ones connected to personalized post-click experiences (PCEs). Continuing the same narrative from the ad into the post-click stage ensures the page meets user expectations and the candidate achieves credibility with the voters.

That’s why both Trump and Biden are using PCEs to increase campaign donations and gain voter support.

How Trump uses post-click experiences to strengthen his presidential campaign

Trump post-click experience #1: Google paid search ad to generate donations

Since Trump pays for his name to show up at the top of SERPs, a search for “Donald Trump” shows this paid search ad:

The ad is segmented to those searching specifically for Donald Trump information and resources. Here’s how we can tell:

The ad’s message continues onto the post-click page where users click the main headline:

Trump post-click experience #2: Search ad sitelink extension

Clicking the “Drain The Swamp” sitelink extension directs prospects to another personalized post-click experience relevant to that specific topic:

Trump post-click experience #3: Facebook image ad to encourage poll submissions

The Trump political campaign also targets online users with Facebook ads and personalized post-click experiences:

The ad begins a story about “fake” vs. “official” Trump vs. Biden polls, which continues onto this post-click landing page:

Trump post-click experience #4: Google paid ad to donate to and support Trump’s campaign

A Google search for “donate to Trump” prompts this paid ad. The ad copy talks about how donating to Trump will help “Keep America Great”.

The following post-click experience delivers a narrative about how Trump has made a “Great American Comeback” during his time in office and how “the best is yet to come” if he gets reelected:

Note: Each of these Trump post-click experiences also uses exit-induced popups to convince visitors to take action before leaving the page:

Compared to Trump’s homepage

The Donald Trump homepage isn’t segmented or personalized like the dedicated post-click experiences above:

Instead of having a 1:1 conversion ratio, it’s clear the homepage is a browsing experience with multiple conversion goals.

Now let’s examine how Biden uses the same technique of connecting each of his ads to a personalized post-click experience.

How Biden uses post-click experiences to win votes

Biden post-click experience #1: Google paid search ad to generate support

A branded Google search for “Joe Biden” reveals this paid ad:

The ad is relevant to the search. Here’s how we can tell:

Clicking both the main headline and first sitelink extension take prospects to this page where they can show support and join the Democratic team:

Note: The other three extensions (“We Want to Hear from You,” “Joe’s Climate Plan,” and “Hold Trump Accountable”) all direct prospects to similar landing pages with the same image and form fields, but with varying headlines and copy that tells a different story.

Biden post-click experience #2: Search ad to collect donations

Someone interested in donating to the Biden campaign might search Google and see this ad:

Ad relevance in this example is evident through the following:

Clicking through takes prospects to an alternative post-click page where they can donate to Biden’s team:

Biden post-click experience #3: Facebook ad to increase event registrations

Biden’s political campaign also targets Facebook users with ads and personalized post-click experiences:

This ad begins with an invitation to join actress Jennifer Garner and NYT bestselling author Mark Kennedy Shriver for an event about early childhood policy and children/family issues. This messaging continues seamlessly onto the post-click landing page:

Biden post-click experience #4: Squeeze page to encourage donations

Squeeze pages that appear before arriving on a page can also serve as post-click experiences, like this one does for visitors to Biden’s homepage:

Compared to the Joe Biden homepage

Like Trump’s homepage, Biden’s homepage isn’t segmented or personalized:

Again, the homepage is a general browsing experience instead of a personalized, conversion-focused post-click experience.

Connect every ad to a personalized post-click experience

Trump’s and Biden’s marketing teams demonstrate the process of connecting segmented ads to personalized post-click experiences. Continuing the same ad narrative into the post-click stage ensures credibility with voters and helps generate donations.

Take inspiration from the examples above and tell the same story from ad to post-click landing page with every campaign. To see how you can begin creating dedicated, personalized post-click experiences at scale for each of your segmented audiences, request an Instapage Enterprise demo.

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