Q&A with Postclick Director of Implementation, Roxi Laza: What Resources & Technical Requirements are Necessary?

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Since CEO Tyson Quick announced Postclick, we’ve been featuring a behind the scenes look at the new Full-Service offering. So far we’ve explained why a Full-Service solution is necessary for brands, what customers can expect, and how brands maximize advertising conversions.

Today talk with Roxi Laza, who details the implementation process for Full-Service clients.

What is your role with Postclick?

RL: As Director of Implementation, my primary responsibilities are to research, evaluate, and implement potential custom features, integrations with 3rd party systems, CRMs, our client’s in-house systems, as well as connecting with analytics and tracking services.

How is the Full-Service process different than the Instapage Enterprise implementation process?

RL: With Instapage Enterprise, we help our clients implement their plans, vision, and what they need to achieve their goals.

With Postclick and Full-Service, our team of conversion experts, designers, and developers evaluate each client and research the best and most optimal personalized solutions that will help increase their advertising conversions. We take care of the entire process from creating the narrative to creating the final personalized experience for each ad.

How does your team collaborate with the rest of the Full-Service team?

RL: The implementation team is part of the Full-Service team, and we take care of the technical side of the process, alongside the design and conversion teams.

Once a page is designed in Instapage, we implement the page setup. That includes everything from setting up the conversion goals, adding and customizing any 3rd-party tracking scripts, creating any custom coded features (e.g., custom form validations, sending leads to their custom CRM through an API connection setup), to creating multiple experiences and publishing the page. We also have an extensive QA process in place before pushing the pages live and connecting them to the ads.

How long is the implementation stage?

This is an ongoing process that our team does for our clients. It starts with a little more work in the beginning until we fully integrate within their systems. After that, we go through publishing and take it through our extensive QA process. Finally, ongoing maintenance and regular check-ups throughout the ad campaign life cycle.

What are the client’s technical requirements for successful implementation?

Some soft requirements will be established in the sales process to ensure compatibility, but we are confident we can integrate within most marketing tech stacks with no friction.

What resources does the client need to provide?

In the initial phase, we set up goals and requirements with the client’s team, which can be as simple as one or two technical calls. But we usually take it from there, and the process does not require direct client involvement. Depending on the complexity of each unique set up, we set up a line of communication, and the only resource we require is information.

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