Q&A with Director of Conversion Strategy, Mike Perla: How the Postclick Team Maximizes Advertising Conversions for Customers

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Since CEO Tyson Quick announced Postclick and the Full-Service solution, we’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about how it works and how it will be different than Instapage. It’s understandable, which is why we’re publishing an interview series with the team behind it all.

VP of Sales, Steve Brancale, provided more details on his role at Postclick and why brands should invest in a Full-Service solution and VP of Customer Success & Pro Services, Marius Laza gave some behind the scenes details as well. Up next is Mike Perla, Director of Conversion Strategy.

What is your role with Postclick?

MP: As Director of Conversion Strategy, I manage the ongoing optimization of today’s post-click best practices to produce higher advertising conversion rates and ROAS for our clients. My areas of focus include prioritization, personalization profiling, conversion strategy, post-click experience narrative, and experimentation.

Why do you think advertising personalization is the biggest problem facing brands today?

MP: Companies heavily invest in sophisticated ad strategies to drive targeted, qualified traffic to web properties. But they fail to see a significant ROAS because that traffic is sent to a couple generic landing pages or, worse yet, their homepage.

There’s a reason why the average industry conversion rate is just under 5%, and it’s primarily because brands don’t personalize the post-ad-click experience:

Ultimately, advertising sophistication needs to be met with an equally sophisticated post-click experience strategy.

Why should brands use a tech-enabled service for higher advertising conversions?

MP: Company’s that invest heavily in advertising know the value of doing post-click optimization. However, they lack the knowledge required to plan a successful strategy and the resources to execute effectively.

That is why a tech-enabled solution like Postclick is so appealing to savvy advertisers. We employ conversion optimization expertise with industry-leading technology to deliver the revenue-generating post-click strategy that allows businesses to surpass their advertising revenue goals. The team is very experienced, having seen these results with Instapage customers over the years:

There is no need to onboard another tool or time to learn through trial and error. Businesses can continue to focus on other growth levers.

How does your team collaborate to get maximum results for brands?

MP: Collaboration is the biggest key to success. During the onboarding process, we transform into an extension of your brand with an intimate understanding of your visual design, tone of voice, market positioning, target audience, advertising, and content strategy.

Prioritization is a highly collaborative process. Digital advertising strategies are dynamic in nature resulting in a frequent need to reprioritize. Continuing prioritization discussions with clients allows us to deliver post-click experiences that precisely meet their current advertising needs.

Which companies are most applicable to the Full-Service offering?

MP: Companies with a mature digital advertising strategy in place, invest between $80k-$100k per month in the channel, and generate a significant proportion of their revenue through digital advertising, but don’t have the capacity to capitalize on a mature post-click strategy.

How can companies request more information?

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