Q&A with Director of Design Services, Cosmin Serban: How the Postclick Design Team Works with Customers to Increase Conversions

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So far in this Postclick interview series, we’ve talked about why a Full-Service offering is necessary for brands to maximize advertising conversions, what brands can expect from the Postclick team, how we get results, and what resources are required to get started.

Today, we continue the Postclick interview series talking everything design with Cosmin Serban.

What is your role with Postclick?

CS: I’m the Director of Design Services and my team is in charge of developing relevant post-click experiences for Postclick customers.

What is your design background?

CS: I’ve been a professional designer for 11 years, starting as a freelance designer working with digital agencies to develop the brands for some of their clients, working on projects like branding and web design. In 2014, I joined Instapage to help customers improve the look and conversion rate of their landing pages by providing written reviews.

During my time with Instapage, I’ve reviewed well over 1,000 post-click landing pages identifying what’s missing while giving appropriate tips to help customers reach their marketing goals. Tips like margin size on mobile devices, button size, and CTA button placement. Most customers we talk to don’t focus on those kinds of details — but we do:

Next, I took ownership of the Instapage template collection and collaborated with our talented visual designers to redesign all existing templates. Each template has been modified in line with modern design trends, but more importantly, conversion-focused. Every template in the library has specific goals in mind — to help marketers build high-converting post-click landing pages faster and improve the overall quality of pages created in Instapage.

Once that project was over, I joined the team that helped Instapage Enterprise clients design, manage, and optimize their landing pages, which eventually lead to an increased success of their digital advertising campaigns.

As the Implementation team got bigger, we helped companies like SoundCloud, Vimeo, Verizon and eBay take full advantage of the Instapage platform. In particular, Verizon sees the following results:

During those projects, we managed to define development processes that eventually translate into the value provided by Postclick and the entire Full-Service team.

In your experience, why do digital marketers have such low advertising conversion rates?

CS: There are many variables that influence the conversion rate of post-click experiences. Some of the most common ones include not having personalized pages, missing ad to page message match and inconsistent branding to those pages lead to a non-relevant experience for the visitor.

Setting the right expectations with the ad and delivering on that promise in the post-click stage is often overlooked by digital marketers:

The Postclick team understands the challenges and costs that come with having a dedicated in-house team that can effectively develop on-brand experiences at scale. That’s where we come in, to help facilitate that.

What is your process working with customers?

CS: For the design team, we make sure to understand the customer’s mission and brand voice. Once we have perfect alignment on those things, it’s time to begin developing relevant experiences that deliver results.

That means getting to know the people behind a brand is a must and keeping a good line of communication during the execution part is something that leads to success.

How do you collaborate with the rest of the Full-Service team?

CS: Once the goal of each client is defined, our teams get together and define the strategy of how we can help them reach their goals. All departments work together on each stage of the process to make sure that the quality of what we deliver is being met.

In the beginning, our team works very closely with the copywriters and the Director of Conversion Strategy to make sure the experiences we’re about to create match the customer’s ad campaigns.

Once the development process is completed, we start working with Implementation specialists that help get those experiences connected with the ads.

What else should brands know about Full-Service?

CS: The value of the service is a result of multiple specialized departments utilizing proprietary technology we’ve developed over the last seven years.

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