Personalization Q&A with Yon Xiao: More Details on the Instapage Solution

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Personalization might be the most overused word in digital advertising. Brands know they need to provide consumers with the best possible experience. Consumers expect a 1:1 experience, and if they don’t get it, can distrust a brand and ultimately not purchase.

It’s more than dynamic text and certainly more than including the recipient’s name in an email subject line. For Instapage, our Personalization solution completes the post-click automation process we’ve been building in the product:

Post-Click Automation pillars

To give you more context about the new solution, we interviewed Instapage Director of Product Management, Yon Xiao.

*The Instapage Personalization solution was hunted on Product Hunt. Check it out and join the conversation.
What is the new Instapage Personalization solution?

YX: The new Instapage Personalization solution allows customers to target specific audiences with highly personalized experiences without having to create entirely new pages with unique URLs.

Why is personalization necessary for digital advertisers?

YX: We spoke to our customers and listened to marketing professionals across the industry, asking them how we could help their marketing efforts. The resounding answer was a need to personalize their campaigns and advertisements to target their customers more specifically. We learned that if marketers can deliver highly relevant, personalized experiences to their prospects and customers, they see higher conversion rates and reduced cost per acquisition.
Why did the team decide that UTM parameters were the best way to target personalized experiences?

YX: We wanted to make it as easy as possible to deploy personalized post-click landing pages, and since we know marketers already use UTM parameters for attribution and analytics, it seemed like a natural fit.

Our focus is always to build on top of existing behaviors to make digital marketers more successful in what they do. Anyone already using UTM parameters with their ads can start sending traffic to personalized post-click landing pages right out of the gate without requiring anything new to set up the targeting:

Instapage Personalization UTM audiences

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