Creating Personalized Experiences for Targeted Audiences Is Now Easier Than Ever (Infographic)

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The term “personalization” may be a buzzword to most digital marketers and advertisers, but it’s more than just a word thrown around casually.

If you’re not at least thinking about — or implementing — personalization into your campaigns, you’re likely wasting budget and losing out on conversions. Here’s why…

Digital advertisers around the world focus much of their time setting up precise targeting on ad platforms. They choose the network, the ad type, etc. and pinpoint the exact person who they want to see their message. They personalize the pre-click stage. Then, an overwhelming majority forget what to do next — arguably the most crucial stage in the conversion sequence — the post-click stage.

Personalization has to continue post ad-click or the disappointing trend will continue.

See how you can do better, below, and provide the most relevant experience for each person you target.

Personalization infographic

See Instapage Personalization in action

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