3 Specific Post-Click Experiences Show How Oracle Segments Ads & Tells Unique Stories (Examples)

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The advancements in advertising technologies have made it easy for advertisers to micro-target ads, optimize, personalize them, and even create ads at scale. However, the same isn’t always true for post-click landing pages.

Post-click strategies have primarily been neglected, which is why most advertisers fail to convert a huge percentage of visitors who click their ads.

To guarantee that every ad click turns into a conversion, you must segment and personalize the user experience through to conversion. This involves creating personalized post-click landing pages for every traffic segment that clicks your ad.

Let’s see how Oracle creates a 1:1 ad-to-page experience by reviewing a few examples.

How Oracle segments post-click landing pages

Oracle is a multinational computer technology corporation that offers a wide variety of services. The company recognizes the importance of segmenting ads and creating unique personalized post-click landing pages to convert prospects into customers.

Google paid search for “integration service”

For example, when a search user looks up “integration service” they see this Oracle paid search ad:

The ad describes Oracle’s integration service offering, such as 3,500 free hours, IoT and SOA Cloud, etc. It also encourages prospects to start a free trial with Oracle to begin enjoying everything mentioned in the copy.

This is the Oracle post-click page visitors land on after the ad:

Upon clicking the CTA button visitors see this dedicated signup page that is quick and easy to complete:

Google paid search for “PaaS hosting”

Here’s another Oracle paid search ad that appears when you search for “PaaS hosting:”

The ad copy describes the benefits of Oracle’s PaaS hosting and promotes the free trial offer. Here’s the page users are directed to post-click:

“Public PaaS for Dummies” sitelink extension

When a user clicks the “Public PaaS for Dummies” ad extension in the search ad:

They are directed to a brand new page, only this time it’s for PaaS for dummies:

By creating a unique post-click landing page for every ad, Oracle improves its chances of increasing advertising conversions by meeting their target market’s needs.

Compare the experiences to the homepage

Compare all three personalized experiences featured above with what a search user sees if they searched for Oracle by name. For this particular search, Oracle does not run ads on themselves, so instead of clicking a paid search ad, users click the organic link and go to the homepage:

The homepage provides a general overview of what Oracle does giving users a chance to explore a solution to their problem themselves. It is designed to be a browsing experience and doesn’t persuade visitors to convert on any one specific offer. Conversely, a segmented post-click page, understands what the user is looking for from their query and gives them the exact information they need.

Segmented post-click landing pages give you a better chance

To avoid wasting ad clicks you need to pay as much attention to post-click landing pages as you do your ads. This involves devoting time to personalizing post-click landing pages for each audience segment that clicks an ad.

No more generic landing pages, advertising conversions are more likely to occur if each ad is connected to an individual, relevant post-click landing page. This is exactly what Oracle does in each example above.

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