Increase Engagement and Get More Leads with Multistep Forms

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Not every offer you have is top of funnel or one that can be redeemed with just name and/or email. The majority of offers and gated content in lead gen campaigns require more than one or two fields. In these instances, a multi step form is helpful for all gated content, webinars, event registrations (and more) when you want to collect as much information as possible, but not at the expense of requesting everything in one form.

What is a multistep form?

Multistep forms are exactly what they sound like: forms with multiple steps to collect lead information. You’ve likely seen this type of form before, similar to form 1 (left) and form 2 (right) below. Notice that each example indicates the current step in the sequence next to the CTA button:

Each example above contains 9 and 4 fields, respectively, in the first step of the sequence alone. Had each example listed all fields in one long form, it’s likely that people would be intimidated having to enter that much information and bounce off the page without converting. By breaking up the form into smaller sections, prospects won’t feel intimidated and may even feel a sense of accomplishment as they proceed from step to step.

When should marketers use a multi step form?

The three most common use cases are:

  1. When you don’t want to overwhelm prospects with one long form
  2. When you’re signing up prospects for a new account
  3. When you’re accepting payment for an offer

This article showcased many multistep form examples from other brands to increase engagement and conversions. Now, you can add your own multistep form to Instapage post-click landing pages with a new user interface.

How to set up multistep forms in Instapage

Creating a multistep form is easy — no HTML, CSS, or additional pages required.

Step 1

Select the form widget on your page:

Step 2

Click “edit” and select the “Multistep” button:

Step 3

Confirm that you are converting a standard form into a multistep form:

Step 4

Now you have the ability to add steps into your multistep form:

To customize the look of each step and add fields, etc. click on the step number and use the control panel within:

You may also add fields to a particular step if you wish:

Step 5

Once you are done configuring a particular step, click back to return to the Multistep Form Settings. Here you can see each step in your form, go to submission settings, or add another step:

Step 6

When you’ve finished creating your form, exit out of the Multistep Form Settings and click the left and right arrows to see how the form flows:

At this point, you successfully created a multistep form and can preview it in the builder before publishing the changes. This way you can test out the form in real-time and view the sequence the same way your post-click landing page visitors will experience.

How do multistep forms in Instapage affect integrations?

Replacing a multistep form will remove any integrations associated with it. With existing pages, you must reconnect all integrations associated with the form. Also, be sure to make your changes to all post-click landing page variations you created.

Start creating your multistep forms today

Maximizing conversions just got easier for Instapage customers who elect to use multi step forms. This new feature gives you another variable to A/B test to see how prospects engage with your page and forms.

Get started with this new functionality today and see how easy it is to make a multi step form in Instapage.

Start Building Multistep Forms

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