See How Michael Bloomberg Used Landing Pages to Win Votes

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Political ads have been in full swing — both on TV and across the web — as candidates are vying for votes, hoping to make an impression, and inspire action that could change the course of future events.

To be successful online, politicians’ campaigns must convey the same narrative from ad to post-click landing page. That way, user expectations are met, and candidates establish trust and credibility with voters — two essential goals in politics.

Since last week’s State of the Union address, you probably noticed candidates running ads in response and how they would solve each topic. Michael Bloomberg has been doing just that.

How Michael Bloomberg used segmented ads & landing pages

We can tell the following Bloomberg ads were segmented to a specific audience because they were:

The three ads worked together to tell one cohesive story:

The post-click landing page

Each ad leads to this post-click landing page experience, which continues the story from the ads:

Google search ad

A Google search for “Michael Bloomberg” shows this paid search ad:

The ad is highly relevant to the search because “Mike Bloomberg” or “Mike” appears in the:

Clicking the headline takes prospects to the Mike Bloomberg homepage, but they see a splash page to opt-in to his list before proceeding to his website.

Splash page

Compared to the homepage experience

In contrast to the personalized post-click landing page experience above, the Mike Bloomberg homepage isn’t quite as focused. Rather than having a 1:1 conversion ratio, it provides a comprehensive overview of Bloomberg as a person and politician while offering a full browsing experience:

Tell the same story from ad to post-click landing page

Too many advertisers waste ad clicks and budget by focusing all their attention on ads and ignoring the post-click landing page. In politics, especially, it goes even deeper than that. By failing to tell the same story narrative across both, you could miss your opportunity to influence people to act in a way that could impact future events.

Let the Bloomberg example above be your inspiration to start connecting each of your pre- and post-click landing pages. Then request an Instapage Enterprise Demo today to see how you can create dedicated post-click landing pages at scale for each of your segmented audiences.

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