Maximizing the Impact of Interactive Elements on Landing Pages

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Adding interactive elements (like a quiz) to your DTC landing page can improve user engagement, enhance personalization, gather valuable data, generate leads, and expand brand visibility, making it a powerful tool. But how can you create a quiz that can turn clicks into customers?

To help you optimize your landing pages and achieve higher ROAS, we have distilled some critical takeaways from RugsDirect’s successful approach. By incorporating these tactics into your DTC campaigns, you can increase your chances of driving meaningful conversions and create a more impactful user experience.

Here are three of our favorite things about the RugsDirect landing page (and why you should try them on your landing pages!)

The quiz is a more effective, less overwhelming way to direct DTC shoppers

Having a quiz as a landing page for direct-to-consumer (DTC) shoppers offers a more effective and less overwhelming way to guide them through their decision-making process for several reasons. RugsDirect has hundreds of products, so if a visitor ends up on their homepage they might quite know where to start. Conversely, if they land on a certain type of rug as the landing page they may assume that’s all RugsDirect has to offer and click off. Therefore, a quiz is a more effective and less overwhelming way to show off your offerings to DTC online shoppers.

The quiz features actual product examples

Incorporating real product examples, like RugsDirect does, into the quiz makes the experience highly relevant and tangible for potential customers. As they interact with the quiz and see how the products align with their preferences and needs, they can envision how those products would fit into their lives. This personalized connection creates a stronger desire to explore further and potentially make a purchase.

Additionally, the interactive nature of the quiz, combined with actual product examples, fosters a more immersive and enjoyable experience for users. As they explore the products and envision how they would benefit from them, they become more engaged with the brand. This engagement not only increases the chances of conversion but also encourages users to share the quiz with others, expanding the brand’s reach through word-of-mouth marketing.

The results of the quiz

Having a quiz as a landing page that ends in customized shopping recommendations based on a visitor’s choices, like RugsDirect, is a highly effective way to turn clicks into customers for several compelling reasons. Firstly, the personalized nature of the quiz creates a sense of individuality and relevance for each visitor. By tailoring the questions and choices to the visitor’s preferences, needs, and interests, the quiz provides a unique experience that resonates with the individual on a deeper level. This personalized touch increases the likelihood of the visitor engaging further with the brand and its offerings.

By offering customized shopping recommendations, the brand demonstrates its commitment to delivering value to its customers. This customer-centric approach enhances the overall user experience, leaving a positive impression on the visitor. Satisfied with the personalized recommendations, the visitor is more likely to explore the brand’s offerings further, increasing the likelihood of making a purchase.

Furthermore, quizzes allow DTC brands to collect valuable data about their customers without bombarding them with lengthy forms or surveys. By asking targeted questions, brands can gain insights into shoppers’ preferences, pain points, and buying behaviors, enabling them to refine their marketing strategies and better understand their audience.

What we would experiment with:

At Instapage, we believe that constant testing & experimentation is necessary to achieve the best landing page conversion rates. With that in mind, here are some elements we would test on the RugsDirect landing page:

The Length of the Quiz: At 9 questions, the RugsDirect quiz is a bit lengthy. While the questions are important and the data may be the most effective way to deliver the most personalized results, a shorter quiz may improve their completion rate. We would suggest A/B testing quiz lengths to see which garners a higher conversion rate.

Bonus Tip: adding a status bar so you could see how close you are to the end may be an effective way of keeping visitors involved!

Experimenting with Email Capture Placement: Experimenting with email placement on a landing page is crucial because it can significantly impact the effectiveness of your lead generation and conversion efforts. The current pop-up email capture method, where the user can easily click out, may not be the most optimal approach for every audience and scenario. For example, we suggest experimenting with a secondary chance to add an email even if the visitor exited out of the pop-up.

By incorporating the key takeaways we have distilled from RugsDirect’s landing page strategy, you can optimize your DTC landing pages and achieve better results!

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