How the Best Marketing Teams Collaborate During Landing Page Production (Infographic)

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It is no secret that work teams are more global than ever. With many stakeholders in multiple time zones, team collaboration can get painful very quickly.

For too long, the post-click landing page review process has been a confusing mess of marked-up screenshots and running commentaries across multiple, unconnected channels and software:

Yet, a new problem arose: centralizing communication during the collaboration process. Plus, not all team members have the same user permissions. This creates scattered feedback and time delays in getting post-click landing pages published. This problem is amplified because every offer deserves its own personalized post-click landing page.

Now, with the Instapage Collaboration Solution, marketers can collaborate in real-time, centralize scattered communications, and eliminate the time-consuming bottlenecks inherent in the design review process. This team collaboration tool enables you to invite others and clients to review landing pages, leave and respond to comments, provide feedback, and resolve issues — all within the Instapage platform.

Don’t take this author’s word for it, though, look at the collaboration infographic below, watch this, or the announcement video:

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