LinkedIn Carousel Ads: What They Are, What to Use Them For, Ad Specs & Best Practices

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Carousel ads allow advertisers to showcase multiple images in a single ad, hence improving the likelihood of a conversion. LinkedIn Carousel ads are no different — they help you tell a story with your ads, get brand recognition, and increase your advertising ROI.

Let’s dig a little deeper into what LinkedIn Carousel ads entail.

What are LinkedIn Carousel Ads?

LinkedIn Carousel ads are one form of Sponsored Content that feature a swipeable series of cards. You can showcase multiple offers/products which helps you provide more insights for your audience.

These ads appear natively in the news feed, on your LinkedIn Page and in the news feed of your followers across all devices and platforms, mobile too.

A typical LinkedIn Carousel ad features multiple image cards and every card has a headline and intro text:

You can create Carousel ads for two campaign objectives, brand awareness, brand consideration, and conversions. Depending on the campaign objective you have set you can either:

VMware Cloud’s carousel ad collects leads via a Lead Gen Form:

In addition to all the standard advertising metrics, such as CTR and number of leads, carousel ads on LinkedIn also give advertisers access to the number of impressions and clicks for each card. This insight helps you refine ads until you find the perfect way to present the story of your brand.

Carousel ads offer you three things that other LinkedIn ad formats don’t:

Now that we have detailed the campaign objectives and demonstrated how unique the ad type is let’s outline the ad specs.

Ad specs for Carousel Ads

Before you create carousel ads, there are two prerequisites. You must be:

If you satisfy both requirements, these are the ad specs to reference:

For the individual cards within the carousel:

Rich media formats supported:

Headline text for each image card is a maximum of two lines before being truncated:

Video format is currently not available for the ad format. Ads that use Lead Gen Forms include a CTA button in each image card. However, standard carousel ads on LinkedIn that take visitors to a landing page don’t include a CTA button:

Once you know what the ad format deems permissible, you can create your carousel ads following these steps.

How to create Carousel Ads

1. Sign into LinkedIn’s campaign manager

2. Select create campaign

3. Select your objective. LinkedIn has a few available right now: website visits, engagement, video views, and lead generation

4. Give your campaign a name

5. Once you select your objective, choose the profile language, locations to target your ad, and select your target audience. (Create your own audience, retarget users who visited your site, or upload a list of users to target).

6. Select your ad format. In this case, you’ll select carousel image ad:

7. Select your budget, schedule, bid type, and bid amount

8. Add conversion tracking (optional, but recommended)

9. Click save and next

10. Select create new ad from the top right corner, or select browse existing content if you have any carousel content that you ran in the past.

11. When you click create a new ad, enter the ad name, the intro text (255 characters max, truncates at ~150 characters on mobile), the destination URL, and create your cards

12. Click create and you’re done.

As you go through the setup process, keep these best practices in mind so your ads make a good impression on your target audience.

Best practices when creating ads

Here are some techniques you can use to optimize your ads:

Showcase more with Carousel Ads

Social media advertising platforms like LinkedIn offer advertisers a lot of unique ad targeting and audience reach opportunities. LinkedIn carousel ads allow you to capture and maintain your audience’s attention with visual storytelling using multiple image cards in a single ad unit.

Use carousel ads to increase brand awareness, consideration, advertising conversions, and generate demand for your brand. Make sure you follow the ad specs to create an optimized ad that makes the right impact on your audience. Grab a copy of the Instapage Guide for All Digital Advertising Formats and review ad specs, best practices, and examples for all major ad networks and their ad formats — all in one place. You can also sign up today for a 14-day trial and see the impact Instapage has on your campaign results!

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