LinkedIn Ads Automation: What Is Available to Advertisers & How It All Works

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Advertising automation takes care of repetitive manual, and often mundane tasks so advertisers can focus on other aspects of their ad campaigns. When done right, automation can potentially handle continual monitoring and optimization of ad accounts, campaigns, and ad creatives without taking up advertisers’ time.

LinkedIn automation tools do just that for advertisers.

We recently discussed Facebook Ads Automation and Google Automation capabilities, but today’s post will focus on the automation tools the social media network for professionals offers. Specifically, showcasing LinkedIn’s automated bids, dynamic ads, and conversion tracking.

First, though, let’s look at the role artificial intelligence plays in LinkedIn advertising.

AI in LinkedIn advertising

AI is used within LinkedIn do a lot of things, like helping advertisers serve relevant advertising to target audiences and predict the responsiveness of their leads.

AI at LinkedIn is working silently in the background, accomplishing tasks such as routing connections to ensure a fast site speed experience, and making sure that notifications sent to advertisers are relevant and informative.

Artificial intelligence also plays its part in the following LinkedIn automated features:

LinkedIn automated bidding

LinkedIn’s automated bidding uses machine learning to optimize your entire budget to get more clicks, impressions, and conversions. That said, there are two important things to know about automated bids:

  1. LinkedIn charges per impression
  2. You can’t select a bid cap

Based on your ad objective, automated bids deliver the most results (clicks, impressions, or conversions) without having to manually adjust your bid. Auto bid has been optimized to specifically cater to each advertising objective type:

The ad platform recommends selecting automated bidding to get an understanding of the performance potential of your entire budget (how many results the campaign can generate for your budget). You should then use the maximum cost bid option to better control cost per result.

(Note: Automated bidding is currently not available for campaigns that use Job, Message, Spotlight and Follower ad formats.)

LinkedIn dynamic ads

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads are small, personalized ads placed on the right side of the feed, available on desktop only. The ad format helps with lead generation by driving traffic to your post-click landing page owing to their ability to customize ad creatives based on the user’s profile.

Here’s what a typical dynamic ad looks:

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads are customized to a specific member using their personal information to attract and engage them. There are three types of ads available:

Customizing ads with information from LinkedIn user profiles allows advertisers to form a deeper connection with their target audience, because when they understand who the customer is, they can tailor better ads to them. With these better connections, according to LinkedIn, Dynamic Ads have 2x the click-through rate of regular display ads.

After you’ve written the content for your dynamic ads, LinkedIn takes care of pre-click personalization and auto-translation, which means that every ad is tailored to every individual user. Data mapping tools are then used to enhance customization because by adding macros; you can automatically personalize each campaign for every individual user you target.

Dynamic ads help automate the lead generation process, potentially increasing ad conversions as a result.

LinkedIn Conversion Tracking

LinkedIn Conversion Tracking provides more accurate insights to advertisers by accounting for time spent on-site and “view” conversions. To access conversion tracking, you can implement Conversion Tracking through the LinkedIn Insight Tag.

The automation option gives you a clearer picture of your ad’s effectiveness in addition to the built-in analytics. This helps inform and optimize your LinkedIn advertising efforts.

Advertisers have the option to continue using their automation tool’s post-click pages. However, you need to install LinkedIn’s Insight tag to get the benefits of the automation option.

Additionally, the Insight Tag unlocks more functionality for your ad campaigns, like automated bidding and retargeting. You’ll also gain access to LinkedIn demographic data for your visitors, which will help you learn more about the specific types of professionals converting on your ads and offers.

This allows you to create an increasingly targeted audience that you know will positively respond to your ads.

LinkedIn automation tools streamline your ad campaigns

LinkedIn automation tools help advertisers efficiently run ad campaigns by letting the platform manage multiple tasks for them.

Whether you’re creating text ads, sponsored content, or retargeting display ads, making use of dynamic creatives, automating bidding, and the Insight Tag helps you achieve better ad conversions.

Automating the pre-click stage is only half of the conversion equation. To automate and personalize the post-click landing page, see how Instapage automates conversions with a personalized demo here.

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