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Today we’ll examine Lighter Capital post-click landing pages – however before we do that here’s a little background on why post-click landing pages are necessary.

Far too many advertisers fail to provide relevant post-click landing pages in their ad campaigns. They take the time to segment their ads to a target audience but don’t continue the same story narrative from ad to post-ad-click page.

This is paramount to earning conversions because a disjointed pre-click and post-click landing page confuse prospects. The expectations set with the ad are not met on the post-click page — and without this message relevancy, they don’t convert.

In fact, more than 95% of Google ad clicks don’t convert, largely due to poor post-click landing pages.

To inspire action, you must create both segmented ads and personalized, relevant post-click landing pages that share the same narrative.

Let’s see how Lighter Capital shows consistency from ad to post-click page.

An analysis of Lighter Capital Post-click landing pages and segmented ads

Example 1: Startup funding

When an online user conducts a Google search for “tech startup funding,” they see this Lighter Capital ad with two sitelink extensions:

You can tell the ad is segmented based on a specific audience with how closely it’s related to the search query:

Clicking the primary ad headline takes users to this page which continues the narrative:


The subheadline reiterates the offer, “funding helps tech entrepreneurs get to the next level” — and highlights the UVP, “without giving up equity, board seats, or personal guarantees.”




Example 2: Revenue-based financing

In the Google ad above, if users clicked the revenue-based financing extension, they’d be taken to this post-click page instead:

In addition, the product image reinforces the message further by demonstrating what the guide cover and inside pages look like.



Example 3: Startup financing solution options

Lastly from the Google ad above, clicking the “Compare Financing Options” extension takes prospects to this Lighter Capital post-click landing page:


The subheadline goes into more detail. It informs prospects they can reach new milestones with Lighter Capital with up to $3MM in capital funding.



This ‘why’ section continues toward the bottom of the page with the “Discover why Lighter Capital is the most trusted…” section, listing the four main benefits of using Lighter Capital.



Example 4: LinkedIn retargeting ad

After visiting all previous pages and Lighter Capital’s homepage, browsing on LinkedIn showed this retargeting ad:

The ad tells a story similar to those above, but instead goes to this post-click landing page:




The homepage tells a different story than the Lighter Capital post-click landing pages

Lighter Capital’s homepage combines several of the offers discussed above into one general page:

It includes The Rise of Revenue-Based Financing ebook offer from Lighter Capital post-click landing pages example 2. The video testimonial from example 4, and clicking any of the “Apply” CTA buttons leads back to example 1.

The page has generalized information on it for audiences who might be interested in Lighter Capital. Similar to other homepages, it’s meant for a browsing experience instead of a single product offering.

We see this through:

Provide unique experiences and turn ad clicks into conversions

Segment audiences to deliver the most relevant, personalized ads and matching audiences with unique post-click landing pages.

To convert more than the average (4.4% of ad clicks), it’s important not to ignore the post-click landing page. Use inspiration from Lighter Capital to continue the story narrative from ad to page. Request an Instapage Personalization Demo today to start creating unique post-click landing pages and establish 1:1 page relevancy.

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