How LendingTree is Disrupting Online Lending with Landing Pages

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LendingTree is an online loan marketplace with one of the largest networks of lenders in the country. Since the brand provides multiple services to customers, they segment their audiences for every offer and target ads with relevant post-click landing pages. Let’s explore how.

How LendingTree uses post-click landing pages

Example 1: Facebook refinance loan ad

LendingTree uses this Facebook ad to promote their refinance loans. The ad describes that customers can get refinance rates at 2.79% APR and urges them to get their quotes quickly before the rates increase:

The ad directs prospects to this post-click landing page (step 1 and step 2):

The form then asks visitors to select the reason why they’re refinancing, moving them to the next step. The platform asks visitors to enter their zip code, an estimation of their property, the remaining first mortgage balance, credit score, the property address and then shows them a quote based on this information.

Example 2: Facebook homebuying guide ad

The platform uses this Facebook ad to promote a guide on home buying:

Clicking through the ad brings the user to this post-click page:

Example 3: Google search ad for best loan rates

Doing a Google search for “how to get best loan rates” prompts this LendingTree ad. The ad’s headline highlights that the platform offers “best low interest loans,” which is relevant to the search query. The copy conveys that clicking through will allow users to compare low interest personal loans.

The ad directs visitors to this post-click page:

Based on the option the visitor selects, they see a multi-step form that asks their loan purpose, how much they would like to borrow, how quickly they need the money, their zip code, etc. At the end, visitors get to see a comparison of rates based on the details they’ve submitted.

In comparison to LendingTree’s homepage

Compared to the unique, personalized post-click landing page above, the LendingTree homepage introduces the service as a platform that gives customers the best loan deals possible:

The homepage provides a comprehensive overview to anyone who might be interested in LendingTree’s services. Everyone sees the same page. And since visitors may be on the page for a variety of reasons, it’s designed to be a comprehensive browsing experience rather than having a 1:1 conversion ratio like an optimized post-click landing page.

Tell the same story on your ad and post-click landing page

Paying equal attention to your pre and post-click landing page experience helps generate maximum conversions.

Use inspiration from the LendingTree examples above to always segment your pre- and post-click landing page for the right audience.

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