Landing Page Evaluations Courtesy of Instapage

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The Instapage team is on a mission.

A mission to simplify marketing – no more running to the IT guys for help, our software provides you with a solution to every problem that you might encounter while setting up your first landing page campaign, plus our blog helps you understand what goes into creating the perfect landing page.

It’s in this effort that I have frequently analyzed landing page examples on this blog, told you what I admire about them and what I think needs to change. But while this helps you shape up your landing pages, I felt as though there was still something missing from the mix.

Your landing pages!

That’s right. This is a formal call to all of you who’ve used Instapage to create a landing pages to submit a link to your published landing pages for review. Add the URL to the comment section below and get a free conversion analysis.

I’ll analyze the landing pages for conversions and name a winner at the end (August 14th) who will then get an advantage that really is to die for – the user with the best landing page will get an unlimited Instapage account free for life.

Yup, free for life!

And that’s not even all, along with the free analysis I am also going to throw in some free experimentation – don’t worry you won’t have to do anything – I’ll A/B test different elements on your page and tell you which one works better.

Let us help you.

Add your landing page URL in the comments below ASAP and then grab onto your seats for the magic to begin.