Starting Today: Validate Your AMP Custom Code & Improve Your Workflow with Integrations

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True to form, this year has been busy for the Instapage team. Highlighted by Personalization, responsive page experiences, and AMP custom code, Instapage continues its mission to be the post-click landing page platform of choice for enterprise teams and agencies.

We’re happy to announce the following updates to the app — one for enterprise customers creating AMP experiences and the other for all customers’ workflow.

Advanced AMP Custom Code Validation

Way back in May 2018, Instapage was the first in the industry to offer AMP landing page functionality. Then, in February 2019, we introduced AMP custom code to allow digital marketers even more customizability during the design process. Today is the next evolution of the Instapage AMP builder: the Advanced AMP Custom Code Validation.

This streamlines the authentication workflow by adding a new validation button in the builder, providing you with the option to validate custom code as you create customized AMP page experiences.

How the custom code validator works

1. Red vs green dot
A red dot next to the in-builder Validation button indicates your AMP custom code has not been validated yet but also shows when the page experience has gone through validation and failed. If validation is successful, the dot turns green:

Keep in mind the indicator is more of a helpful tool as you create a page, not a statement that the page can’t be published (because the page might include valid code, just hasn’t passed validation yet).

2. Error codes
Just like the standard validator, when unsupported code is detected, you will see a list of raw error codes with a link to the official library of supported AMP components. There, you can reference and find details on the invalid codes:

3. Validation reminder
Exiting the builder without performing AMP validation will trigger a reminder, which you can choose to either validate or continue exiting:

AMP validation will continue to automatically activate at the publishing stage in the Experience Manager, and only AMP page experiences that pass validation can be published. The new in-builder validation feature provides an advanced level of insurance for custom code compatibility on your page experiences allowing you to review error codes and resolve them as you’re coding.

Moving form & analytics integrations in the Experience Manager

With the Experience Manager release in February, we streamlined the workflow in the app so designing and publishing pages are now separate.

Clicking “Integrations” in the Experience Manager brings you to this screen where you can select which integrations to view or set up:

Clicking “Analytics Integrations” opens up a list similar to this:

The Analytics Integrations that display will be any integrations you previously connected within your workspace. The workspace integrations page can be accessed at the bottom of the page to connect any additional integrations outside of what you have listed.

(Note: Meta Pixel and Google Tag Manager are still integrated within the builder. Clicking those sections will take you to the builder where you can select Settings > Analytics and connect them.)

Doing the same for “Form Integrations” opens up the full list of form integrations that your team has connected at the workspace level (full list not viewable in this screenshot. Visit the app to see the complete list):

This update continues that workflow change so that key stakeholders on your team has a dedicated place to work (Marketing Operations, CRO Manager & SEO Manager in the Experience Manager while designers and copywriters work in the builder).

By keeping these workspaces separate, your team has fewer interruptions during the creation process and you can continue building page experiences as fast as ads.

Stay tuned for more updates in 2019

AMP custom code validation plus moving form and analytics integrations to a new location are just two of many updates on our 2019 roadmap. The Instapage team continues to work hard and improve the product while ensuring digital advertisers have the best post-click automation platform available with an optimal workflow.

Stay tuned for additional updates and product features soon! In the meanwhile sign up for an Enterprise demo.

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