3 More Updates: AMP Custom Code, Overwrite Protection & Domain Setup

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In December 2018, we announced four new product features that help eliminate friction, enhance your workflow, and design pixel-perfect mobile post-click landing pages. We continued the momentum into 2019 with a few more releases including Personalization, a new workflow in Experience Manager, and our Facebook Ads Manager integration.

That brings us to today’s announcement as we unveil our next three product updates:

AMP Custom Code
Overwrite Protection
Domain Setup

AMP Custom Code

When we launched AMP in May 2018, Enterprise customers could create lightning-fast AMP post-click landing page experiences directly in the Instapage platform. Custom code was not possible at the time.

Now, you can customize your high-performing, AMP page experiences with elements that are accepted within the AMP framework. Simply use the Custom Code feature (HTML/CSS) inside the Instapage AMP builder to implement AMP-approved elements such as optimized layout design, media, analytics, and more:

new product features AMP custom code

Since AMP formatting prioritizes page loading speed and readability with a simplified design, the framework requires that your page elements are compliant and under 75KB. To ensure that your page experience is AMP-compliant, we’ve connected directly with Google’s AMP Validator API to validate your pages for the 75KB file size limit and code compliance requirements by the AMP framework.
How custom code works

The AMP Validator is automatically triggered to scan your page experience at the publishing stage in the Experience Manager. If any unsupported code is detected, you will see a list of raw error codes with a link to the official library of supported AMP components, where you can reference and find details on the invalid codes. Only AMP page experiences that pass validation can be published:

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