6 Common Landing Page Mistakes and How to Fix Them

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Roosters not being able to crow without extending their necks, your Aunt Edna forever butting into your personal life, hair growing all over your body, your conversions plummeting because you didn’t care to pay attention to your landing pages; these are all facts of life. Things that happen because they’re meant to – and while you can’t really do anything about the rooster or your ever growing annoying hair you can do something about your plummeting conversions.

Not make as many landing page mistakes.

Sadly, us making mistakes is another fact of life – correcting them however is a necessity. In a perfect world, every landing page that you create would be conversiontastic; every page would rake in heaps of conversions. Unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world, which is why we make landing page mistakes.

And while we can’t really stop making mistakes, in order to rectify them we must know what we’re doing wrong. And that’s exactly what we are doing today, learning all about landing page mistakes, what makes us frown and what can make this frown go upside down.

Mistake #1: You didn’t do the 5 second test

If you want to compare your visitors’ attention span to anything compare it to the attention span of your 4 year old. Because your visitors only pay like a millisecond of attention to your page before they size it up and see whether they’ll ever come to your landing page again.

The 5 second test helps you see what’s lacking in your page through someone else’s perspective. What happens in the test is that you ask someone you know (someone who doesn’t have any emotional attachment to your landing page) to look at your page for 5 seconds and see whether they understand what the page is all about.

To gain an insight into your landing page mistakes you need to ask the individual who performed the 5 second test what they thought was lacking on your page?

The basic factor that makes most landing pages fail the 5 Second test is the lack of communication. All your landing page elements should be put together in such a manner that the second a visitor comes to your landing page he understands what you’re trying to communicate to him, what you’re offering, how he’s going to get it and why he should choose to get it from you.

Mistake #2: There’s no match between the ad and the headline

Everything about your landing page needs to be connected and consistent, this especially holds true for the ad or blog link that leads your visitor to your landing page. Beevant because that’s the only way you can procure your customers’ attention. When consistency and ad matching become your landing page anthem your conversions increase like that.

In the image below the first page has ad match because the ad says “bluetooth airbuds” and the headline talks about the “top rated bluetooth airbuds”, the same however can’t be said about the second page where the headline just reads “Denon A-HW150 Exercise Freak”.

Where are the air buds that I read about in the ad? I am confused and now I am going from the page.

Mistake #3: You got too grabby on your landing page forms

Your landing page forms are the element that are most likely to create the most friction on your landing pages. This is simply because no one is really thrilled about giving up their information on the internet, especially if it’s to someone they don’t quite know yet.

However, you have to gather leads so you have to design lead capture forms for your landing pages, this is not where you’re committing the mistake. It’s when you get too greedy that you err, don’t go overboard and ask them too much while you are offering them too little.

The Smartsheet landing page has an appropriate sized lead capture form for a free trial.

Your lead capture form length should be proportional to the offer that you’re making to your visitors. So, if you’re offering something for free asking just an email address would do.

An ill organized lead capture form is also a big mistake, arrange your longer forms intoevant sections and fields. So that your form isn’t just easy on your visitors’ eyes but is also easy for them to fill out.

Mistake #4: A graphic that doesn’t fit

A landing page graphic has to beevant and eye catching at the same time, if your landing page image doesn’t haveevancy well then you’ve made a big mistake because you have let down your landing page’s consistency and now of course your conversions will take a big hit.

Another gargantuan mistake that you can do on your landing page is put cheesy stock photos on it, images that don’t add anything to your message and in fact take away the credibility of your page.

Doesn’t the stock image make the landing page lose its credibility?

The graphic is your landing page eye candy, don’t turn off your visitors by putting up the wrong thing.

Mistake #5: You didn’t take care of your landing page aesthetics

The overall design of your landing page has a big impact on your conversions, which is why you need to make sure that your landing page looks attractive, personable and interesting.

While an interesting graphic is important on your landing page, you also need to make sure that the font and the overall color pallet of your landing page gels well together.

The Mailchimp landing page has a good design aesthetic.

White space is a great landing page design tool, it helps you reduce clutter and adds visual appeal to your page, make sure that you surround your landing page elements with plenty of whitespace so that they appear more focused and there’s no clutter on your page.

Mistake #6: A CTA button that doesn’t stare your visitors in the face

While deciding on your CTA button design you need to take care of the following things; the size of your button, the color that it needs to be and the amount of whitespace that needs to surround it.

Your CTA shouldn’t be hidden somewhere, it should be right there and it should be very clear. The button should ease the conversion process and not add hurdles to it.

Go have a look at your landing pages and see if you recognize any of these mistakes on them and if you do, you know exactly what you need to do about them.

Go do it now!

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