Landing Page Graphics Strategies

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While doing shopping online or checking out the link of a guerrilla wrestling a dog, what do you prefer to do? Read a lengthy description of just how cute a pair of lace booties are, or see a picture of them? Read the droned out version of the whole guerrilla dog tumble or see a juicy video?

Yes, this is exactly why a wise man declared “a picture is worth a thousand words”. No, I’m by no means underplaying the importance of landing page copy, but this is landing page graphics galore baby and so we’re only going to be talking about these visual treats today.

More than Just a Feast for your Eyes

Apart from the obvious visual appeal, graphics work well in tying the perfect little bow around your carefully put together landing page. A good graphic is what takes an above average landing page to greater heights; its presence is what ascertains whether or not you have achieved a POLP (Perfectly Optimized Landing Page).

If you’re currently in the market for landing page graphics and want to hit a home run with your choice, you’ve got to make sure that your candidate fulfills the following pre-requisites.

It’s Not All Relevant

The key to getting your landing page graphics right is relevancy, remember not everything goes; please choose wisely.

Only include a graphic on your landing page that ties in well with your entire campaign, if you’re selling straw hats have an image of a straw hat and not that of a tin man.

Consistency is a very important part of your landing page campaigns, stay true to your message by keeping things smoothed off and constant.

Creativity Earns You “Cool Points”

Want to be as cool as Fonzie?

Well then your landing page graphics need to show off your artistic flair. Go with something interesting and artsy not just some run of the mill stock photo but something that your visitors would’ve seen for the first time- that’s where the magic is, in the element of surprise.

Choose colors that are memorable and mesmerizing and a design that makes all the other landing page graphics look bad.

Check out the psychology of color.

The Human Factor Works for Your Landing Page Graphics

Adding a personal touch always helps in the case of landing pages, the same rule applies to landing page graphics as well. Including a nicely taken graphic of your company members may help boost your conversions because it will help humanize and individualize your company.

Even if you don’t go the “real person route” with your primary landing page graphic, do include real images of your clients next to their landing page testimonial because this definitely brings you more conversions by increasing your trust factor.

Just consider all of these factors before you decide on a landing page graphic, and you will not falter in your conversion endeavors. Next up on the Landing Page Optimization Week is learning How to Create a CTA Button that Converts.

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