Announcing the Winner of Instapage’s Landing Page Evaluations Round #2

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The time to cheer and celebrate is finally here.

No, I’m not talking about the New Years’ celebrations- I am talking about something that you’re going to find even more exciting than that, something that’s going to bring you conversions.

Yes, conversions.

This year Instapage is going to bring ten lucky Instapage users a free landing page evaluation, plus, one of you will get the best gift of all- a free unlimited Instapage account for life.

Let’s see whose landing page has made the cut.

The Winner: PocketSavor

Congratulations PocketSavor you have most definitely taken the cup in the Instapage landing page evaluations Round 2. In fact, I would invite all of you reading this to do a celebratory wave in honor of this awesome looking well-optimized landing page.

With the celebratory wave done- let’s now begin with the analysis.

The copy above the fold that I’m guessing doubles up for the headline- “the fun way to learn finances” explains the product nicely. The visitor knows from the get-go that the product has something to do with finances which they already kinda know owing to the word “pocket” in the.

The video is professionally done and what’s great is that it doesn’t have the annoying auto-play feature. The background image isevant and touches the visitors’ emotional side by emphasizing on the mother-daughterationship.

I simply love the little purple dude that’s dressed up like a Viking next to the contact form, and the CTA is straightforward and bold. One thing that you could change in the form is the text to a lighter color so that it doesn’t look already filled out.

The graphics used throughout the page are vibrant andevant. The page has personalized testimonials with the users’ credentials on them that increases trust in the product. The page explains the product thoroughly with the help of words and graphic which is awesome.

PocketSavor has all of their team listed accompanied by smiling mug shots on the page, which adds human appeal to the landing page. In the end, we have the contact information and another CTA to remind the visitor what they were here to do.

2. Kreative Media

Love the background image; not only is itevant, but it makes me want to put on those headphones, drink a cup of coffee and get my website up and running in a day. This is what the company intended to do, so kudos for that.

The CTA button is big and bold, however, you should think about removing the shadow from the CTA button text because the rest of the copy on your page doesn’t have a shadow- this way you’ll have consistency all through the page. Test out different variations for CTA button copy as well, maybe give “Tell Me More” or “I Want to Learn More” a whirl.

The images that you’ve used are creative,evant, and explanatory which really is THE image trifecta everyone should work towards.

There are some issues with spacing on the page, for example, try adding a bit more space in between your endorsement and the copy “Don’t just trust us, trust our customers”.

Another thing that needs to be changed is the amount of clutter present at the bottom of the page. A/B test for this for sure.

3. White Label WebDev

The landing page above is another good looking specimen. Love the explanatory, matter of a fact headline. I love that you guys have incorporated a support tab right on the page that will help users convert because they’ll know that you’re ready to answer their queries.

Don’t like the fact that your copy starts with the word “WE”. This needs to change, try “You don’t need to manage any technical details like hosting and programming anymore, we do that for you” or something along the lines of this.

Like the color of the CTA button, don’t like the copy with the shadow effect. It doesn’t go with your page so please change that.

The main features of the service have been broken down into points that are nice because it increases readability and enhances the overall look of the page. The pricing plan is mentioned, and the features are clearly mentioned, there’s a support tab; everything that a visitor needs to convert into a customer.

The CTA at the end of the page has a directional cue on it which is great. This is a longer landing page, but, it does its job well of explaining the service from the head down to the tippy toes.

4. Smarter Kitchens

First off, let me just tell you that I dig the whole aura of your page, it’s all green, healthy and wholesome which is what a kitchen should be. The headline is pretty self-explanatory, the same can be said about your tagline. Right below the headline you explain to the visitor what he should expect from this page.

Then we have the features all listed neatly in points with accompanying graphics that areevant and add a nice touch to the page.

What needs to be tested on the page is the button copy, it’s just too generic. Maybe remove the text “Download your free Reno guide” from under the headline and add it to the CTA button. Test different copy for the page.

I wasn’t impressed with the testimonial, sure you have added an image, however, you need to tell the visitor who this Jude Fry lady is and how has the service helped her. I like the part where you have mentioned all of your accomplishments at the end of the page.

5. BikeTrac

The landing page has a nice and clean look which was the thing that I noticed the most. The headline is simple. However, there’s something a little off about the word order. Try “Never Be Afraid of Losing Your Bike Again” or simply make the copy “BikeTrac is a hidden GPS tracker for stolen bikes” your headline.

The images used on the page areevant, and the copy is nicely divided into sections. You do need to check the alignment of your page as that is a bit askew. Another thing that needs to change is the FAQ section, it just seems a little too much, plus the copy is too small it hurts my eyes. Maybe incorporate the FAQs into the product features and remove this section entirely.

I suggest you remove your social media counters for now as the numbers don’t go in your favor right now, once you get the count up a little you can add the tally again. I like the endorsements. Both the CTA buttons need to be increased in size.

6. Shift Startup

I like the fact that because the service deals with making money, green is the most prominent color on the page. The mascot that they have come up with is adorable. The CTA button is big, and the lead capture form is of just the right size. The features of the page are listed in the form of points, which is always a good thing.

The thing that bothers me is the testimonial; the fact that I really couldn’t understand this was a testimonial until I read the whole thing is not good. Also, there’s no or any other credentials on the testimonial, because your visitors don’t know who wrote it. Therefore, it is unlikely that they are going to trust it.

Plus, there should be a mention of a mini-course in the headline because I only understood what it was once I read the features. The copy needs to be tested for clarity.

7. Cooker and a Looker

Love the of your service, don’t know why but “cooker and a looker” sounds heartwarming and southern to me. There’s a beautiful and prominentevant image on the page. The headline explains what the visitor will be getting from the page, “get your free ecookbook” does its job.

The supporting copy tells users exactly how many recipes they can expect to get from the book. The page has images of the pages of the book that lets you know how the product is going to look, and there’s a nice snippet about the author and some nicely personalized testimonials.

I would suggest you to remove the tally from your social media widgets, add them back once you have collected more followers.

8. Thinkit Creative

What I like most about the page is the clean look and clarity that it brings. The background image is scenic and makes me want to visit Ottawa. The headline is clear, the service helps with writing speeches and telling bolder stories.

The features are broken down into points- awesome!

I don’t like the shocking red background used for the testimonials, test with a change in color- because the present one is just hurting my eyes. Try adding photos next to the testimonials.

I like the CTA buttons, big and bold and the fact that you have mentioned a phone number and your endorsements- these help with the trust factor.

9. Localizationguru

What I like the most about the page is the headline- it’s clean, crisp and effective. The copy is written in the form of simple, coherent points which is another good thing. There are endorsements mentioned on the page which help visitors trust the service and then there’s a user count mentioned above the lead capture form right next to the big, bold, red CTA button.

What needs to be tested is the button copy, which is a little too generic right now. Also, the customer testimonial needs a little humanizing. Moreover, test a different color for the directional cue.

10. Paleo Diet

“If the caveman couldn’t eat it, neither can you,” awesome headline, unique and tells the reader why they need the Paleo report. The benefits of the service are written down with good readability, however, you should look at increasing the length of your landing page sections.

The color of the CTA button goes with the theme of the rest of the page. I like the shaded directional cue you have used and the image that features the product clearly.

That’s it for this round of evaluations. Good job all of you marketers who made it to the top 10 list, and for the rest of you keep an eye out for Round 3.